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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

W.O.W. ~ "Transformation Within"

Quite often my
Walks On Weds.
have shared
I receive in emails (from LOOP) and through a special TPT ebook
("I Hear His Whisper")

"Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of CHANGE"~Arthur Burt (image quote)
[image credit]

Today's WOW is different

it comes from a book to be just released

{but I read this part in a You Version reading plan}
also from a sample I have, that I just have to share as well
which contains this in its' opening

"Dearest One,

You are a daughter loved by a Father without rival
entrusted with a message and a promise beyond compare, in a time without precedent. You have been chosen for this moment that is at once great and terrible. For this very reason, you must love fearlessly ... believe outrageously ... and hope without measure." Lisa Bevere, "Without Rival..."

Rich words

I am convinced that this is not just a "whisper" meant for us
but a prophetic shout needed by so many of us
as an encouragement

But that above is not what I want to share today!

What I am sharing comes from that aforementioned 7 day reading plan provided by Lisa Bevere 
that I could not wait to insert on my blog before 
my upcoming two months of 
pre-planned and written blog posts
through September and October

The minute I read this
I knew that I wanted to share
{I don't know yet if this comes from her book, but if her book is anything like this ...I'm sold

Day 5 
"Transformation Within"
{isn't this really what my One Word "Change" is all about?}
from "Without Rival..." With Lisa Bevere

[Intro to the part I want to share]

"Because we worship a God without rival, there is unrivaled promise on your life, and it is also your treasure. This treasure transcends measure and spans time. This treasure comes to you in the form of intangible potential. For some, this gift is dormant … alive but asleep." ... Lisa Bevere
{golden words!!!}
...but here it is...
[broken down in separate boxes for dramatic effect]

"Imagine there is a knock on your door. You run to answer it and discover an angel on your doorstep."

Now take the time and really imagine this
and hear this

"The divine messenger calls you by name and declares loudly that you are an heiress-a princess of the heavenly realm. Stunned, you answer his declaration with a question, "I am?"

He nods in affirmation and places what appears to be an invitation into your hands.
There is no mistaking your name perfectly written on the envelope in bold gold letters. You draw a deep breath and lift tear-filled eyes only to realize the angel is gone."
{I really wanted to break that down into more boxes too-lol}
so the words capture the impact of each part

"You are overwhelmed by the sense that everything has changed, yet when you inspect your circumstances, nothing has. The purpose of this visit was never about a change of circumstances or location. This invitation is to an unrivaled transformation within. You open the envelope and carefully remove the gilded invitation: "

"You, beloved daughter, are now reborn as a princess of The Most High.

As you grow in the intimate knowledge of Jesus, His grace and peace will continually multiply in your life. This royal designation means you will have access to all that you would ever need as you pursue godliness and run the course of your life. Be assured that as you delve into the Holy Scriptures, your youth and mind will be renewed and you will become aware of all the vast treasury of the great and precious promises that have been granted to you. Each of these has been miraculously provided for you! Lovely one, in case you yet doubt, this is the best invitation you've ever received! All you need to do now is to turn your back on the world that has already turned its back on you. "

Lisa ends with these beautiful words:

..."One of the most glorious and courageous things you could ever do is live in the fullness of what Jesus purchased for you. God's destiny for your life, and His words over you, are not limited to your current situation. Lovely one, it is time to awaken to your treasure."~Lisa Bevere, "Without Rival" 

Now that's encouragement!

to an intimate pursuit of God 

{oh, by the way, there is more to her title -
"Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity and Purpose ..."
still more
"... in an Age of Confusion and Comparison"

I pondered quite a while on this
and the title
"Transformation Within"

Ephesians 4:23

Romans 12:2

{these were not the scripture readings that Lisa gave in Day 5}

I chose these two verses because they speak of


But since I do not want to take away from the impact of this

I'll pray that the Holy Spirit
connects everything that I have and will be
sharing on 
greater purpose
and plan

as you
walk with the
this day and in the 
upcoming months

remembering these
especially in
His Word

leaning in and listening hard
letting them
transform you
from within


*Get a copy or sample of this book by Lisa Bevere, or even do the You Version reading plan; also get "I Hear His Whisper" by Brian Simmons; and a new book coming out by Jennifer Camp "Breathing Eden" and/or sign up for emails twice a week from her LOOP devotional here. These authors/ people are what keep God's whispers fresh for me and alive.

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I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
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I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

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