"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Sunday, September 30, 2012


*this post is a combination of the last post for LIFE RECOVERY, the intro to the last "Passage of Light" of  Thomas Kinkade and the HYMN 2 HIM Challenge, except dear Blogger completely eliminated what I had saved in draft for the last two, so I had to start over from scratch again and that's why I just added it at the end of this Recovery post instead of a separate one. Sorry it makes this so long but take your time ...

UPDATE October 2012 - I now separated HYMN 2 HIM "H" into another post


Definitely a

This would have been DAY 30 of LIFE RECOVERY, if I had not changed the format for these last 15 days to doing one STEP each day, even though it included all the remaining days ... nonetheless you have all 30 Days and enough readings for almost an entire year if you read all the readings for each STEP and do all the DAYS (12 X 30= 360). That alone would be worth celebrating! Staying in God's Word and moving ahead recovering each day. 

Although "recovery", as I've already mentioned is a continuous process, a lifelong process as we continue to reach the goal set before us, each step forward is progress !!!

God's timing is always perfect! For much of my life, I was running ahead without checking with Him or waiting. But I'm learning and working on this as well. I truly see His hand in this and through this, even connected with my SONday posts ending last week with the LIGHT of GRACE and starting this week with the LIGHT of the WORLD! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of HIS LIGHT.

Years ago, decades really, I attended a REBUILDERS* small group for people and their marriages. Part of my problem was that I attended alone. I was not divorced or even separated, but I went in hopes that I'd learn how to rebuild. The study of the book of Nehemiah this past summer, is also one of "rebuilding". So "recovery" or "rebuilding" has really become a focus for me this year along with my life and LIGHT! The following song was kinda like a theme song for REBUILDER'S and perhaps it will help you with whatever you're facing as it does me...


* Here's a capsule of the REBUILDER'S GUIDE (my copy's at home) but it's such a worthwhile investment as is the LIFE RECOVERY materials and all books that build our walk and strengthen our faith based on God's Word ... 

perhaps you're wondering why I'm sharing this (well) it's part of the reason I needed to do this Recovery 'Step by Step' to rebuild and restore relationships, and my marriage was definitely one that needs restoring ... all in HIS TIME and in HIS HANDS
The Rebuilder’s Guide provides solid footings to those who have failed in their marriages and are seeking to build afresh God’s way that which human love alone could not sustain. A detailed listing of the topics in this book is as follows:

1. Rebuilding a Heart That Seeks God
  • Evaluating my true motives
  • Spending time daily in God’s Word
  • Learning who God really is
  • Entering into the resurrection power of Christ
  • Being consistent when we do not feel like it
  • Honoring the Lord’s Day
2. Rebuilding a Commitment to God’s Design for Marriage
  • How marriage illustrates God’s relationship with Israel
  • How marriage illustrates redemption
  • How marriage illustrates Christ’s relationship with the Church
  • How marriage illustrates a believer’s relationship to law
  • Applying Scriptural principles to 22 marriage questions
  • Special rewards on the “exception clause”
3. Rebuilding a Clear Conscience and a Forgiving Spirit
  • Evidences of guilt
  • Causes of guilt
  • Steps to remove guilt
  • Evidences of bitterness
  • Causes of bitterness
  • Steps to overcome bitterness
4. Rebuilding Your Marriage
  • The starting point for rebuilding
  • Prerequisites for praying a “hedge of thorns”
  • The prayer to bind Satan and build a “hedge of thorns”
  • What will happen when you pray this prayer
  • Six essential steps after praying for a “hedge of thorns”
  • Seven basic principles to build into the life of your partner
  • Steps to take if your partner continues to be rebellious
  • When your partner returns
5. Rebuilding a Learning Relationship With Your Children
  • See the vision
  • Check your motives
  • Expect barriers
  • Identify goals
  • Organize content
  • Establish accountability
  • Concentrate on building character
  • Learning resources
6. Rebuilding Past Failures Into a New Life Message
  • What is a life message?
  • Basic chapters of my life message
  • Five basic parts of an effective “chapter”
  • The neglected truth of most life messages
  • The wisdom of God’s limitation on a remarried person
  • How to transform painful memories
  • No matter how great you failure
  • Basic guidelines in writing a life message
  • How a life message can be more fulfilling than remarriage
  • Important guidelines on using the gift of singleness
7. Rebuilding the Damaged Marriages of Others
  • Begin through the church
  • Important church policies on marriages
  • Consequences when divorced people are remarried
  • Basic guidelines in talking to a friend who wants to get divorced or remarried
  • Learn how to ask precise questions
  • Consequences when a wife initiates a divorce
  • Consequences when a husband initiates a divorce
I have found many areas of my LIFE that need RECOVERY and to be in constant check with the Holy Spirit. So this past month of my JOURNEY with LIFE RECOVERY, was not for any particular "addiction" but for anything and every thing that may impede my LIFE journey and RECOVERY to living more fully an abundant life in Jesus Christ. How else can I become a better LIGHT, reflecting His image, if I'm unwilling or unable to change parts of me that His Holy Spirit tells me "this has got to goREFINE, REFINE, REFINE!

Yes, the construction project in my Mexican rental home certainly has stirred up alot this year about building and REBUILDING; walls went up (so did the red flags) but walls can crumble and breakdown, so be sure your foundation is built on the Truth of Jesus Christ; don't believe the lies, or disguise of the enemy any longer ... Rise up, break down those old walls, change those unhealthy choices and habits, and become ALL that you were meant to be! Let His Holy Spirit reveal to you what needs to go... be willing to "clean house" and be purified, more open and understanding to the MESS in your life and those around you that you care about, less mess, judgement and being critical... Let's use what we've learned this past 30 days in walking more fully, as Jesus Christ, Our Messiah did ... (I've waited all year to use this quote from Lysa TerKeurst and link you to her blog, in case you missed this - but Lysa, who always has something valuable to share)wrote:
"I'm convinced there's a reason the first four letters of Messiah spell MESS. We need Him! Only the MESSIAH can take our MESS and turn it into an untangled MESSage of Hope, Forgiveness and ultimately Love." ~ Lysa TerKeurst
(I am unable to link to the Vimeo from her great teaching at Southbrook but here's the Link to her blog post on November 4, 2009 entitled "A Mess")

This quote was meant for me and this blog... ~ aMazing Grace ~ because originally the 3M words were first as my Blog title followed by aMazing Grace until I realized that the Grace always comes first even with: Mazes, Messes, and Miracles ... emphasis this year on MESSes ... I've wandered through the Mazes far too long so this year is/ was time to deal with the MESSes, with hope of more MIRACLES, because of the power of Our MESSIAH, Jesus Christ, who is and was and is to come ... the same, yesterday, today and forever ... the LIGHT of the WORLD has come ... light bulbs going off all over the place in my head as I keep my eyes on the LIGHT and focus on searching daily for shining His Light better and more.

"H" HYMN 2 HIM Challenge

[In the "blink of an eye" my previously drafted post for "LIGHT of the WORLD" intro and HYMN 2 HIM disappeared (thanks again Blogger) that's why I had to sneak this in here with this post ... so if at all possible, I will try to come back and recapture what was lost, meanwhile this will have to suffice ... the HYMN was for the letter "H" and the YouTube I had was from Gaither's! I will do the Intro to "The Light of the World" next week.] October 2012 updated and separated the two posts of
"Celebrate Life Recovery"and Hymn 2 Him Challenge (here below)

The letter 
that I chose was
which really ties all this post
from Book 3 of

"He Touched Me"
written by

Gaither VEVO

Matthew 8:1-3
Who touched Me?
Mark 5:25-34
Seek the touch of the
Master's Hand
Check out the "touching trail" of Him
in your own life
Look back over your life 
and see as I have
where the Lord has

"Can you pick up a thread 
and see the
to come?"

It's like a
through a
each soul
you touch with
part of His glory and grace
through the LIGHT you give of
who may be

Give a cup of
you'll know
"...the joy that floods your soul..."
He touches you and makes you 

Next week
the letter will be

Saturday, September 29, 2012



Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
(Galatians 6:1 Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.)


STEP 12 (see previous posts of Day 1-15 for more)
Our Stories Mark 16:14-18
Never Forget  Titus 3:1-5
Sharing Together Galatians 6:1-3
Our Mission Isaiah 61:1-3
Celebrating Success Hebrews 10:25
The Narrow Road 1 Peter 4:1-4
Talking the Walk 1 Timothy 4:14-16
Ready to Help Romans 12:1-5
A Shield of Protection Ephesians 6:13-17
10 Listening First Acts 8:26-40
11 Raindrops of Truth Isaiah 55:10-11
12 Fir Trees from Thorns Isaiah 55:12-13
13 Suffering that Heals Isaiah 53:1-12
14 God's Faithfulness Isaiah 38:1-20
15 Known but Not Rejected John 4:28-42

Day 16 
Qualified to Encourage
Luke 10:30-37

Day 17
Extending the Invitation
Luke 14:16-24

Day 18
Small Beginnings
Matthew 13:31-32

Day 19
A Gradual Miracle
Mark 8:22-26

Day 20
A Light of Hope
1 Thessalonians 5:5-8

Day 21
A Solid Foundation
Matthew 7:24-27

Day 22
Romans 12:1-2

Day 23
Hanging On
Genesis 32:24-31

Day 24
Sharing Our Hope
Acts 9:36-43

Day 25
Freedom from Shame
2 Samuel 6:14-21

Day 26
Something to Boast About
Psalm 107:1-32

Day 27
Never Too Late
John 3:1-8

Day 28
Remembering the Lost
Luke 15:1-7

Day 29
A Spiritual Recovery
Luke 12:16-21

Day 30
We will Make It!
Philippians 1:3-11
from the
"Life Recovery"
Stephen Arterburn; David Stoop
(all print in green are quotes from this devotional)

*NOTE: Disclaimer: I am in no way a qualified professional or author of these "12 Steps" or anything dealing with RECOVERY This is only for my own personal use, thoughts, opinions, read, experiences, reflections, journey to recovery while being made whole in Christ. No infringement intended (nor am I sharing all the wonderful content of these) so I hope and do strongly recommend the Life Recovery Bible, workbooks, devotional, materials, ministries and any resources shared or linked. 


Service - mission - our stories as part of God's story, as we press in and sense the urgency of sharing the Great Commission of the difference that Jesus can make in our lives with others that desperately need Jesus. 

This is what inspires me to go on. This is what tells me although I may not be worthy or ready or "equipped" that I must TELL. This is what draws me into wanting to be whole and make healthy life choices so my LIGHT will shine and draw others to want what I have - Jesus, as my LIGHT and guiding force. I know that I need to work out so many of my character flaws/defects because they deter from my service, my mission. Although I do not go about sharing all my flaws when I minister, I do know that different aspects of my life happened so that I might help someone else.

That's kinda the point of the Twelfth Step! 

I'm reading through all 30 and if some point inspires me, you can be sure that I'll be back and share ... cuz

with Jesus!

We Can Make It

Friday, September 28, 2012



We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry it out.(Colossians 3:16a Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.)

The GROWTH Choice

STEP 11 (see previous posts of Day 1-15 for more)
Joy in God’s Presence Psalm 65:1-4
Pools of Blessing  Psalm 84:5-11
Meditation Psalm 1:1-3
Powerful Secrets Psalm 119:9-11;Matthew 6:6
Finding God Psalm 105:1-9
Seeking and Finding John 14:15-24
Patient Waiting Isaiah 40:28-31
Paralyzed by Perfectionism Matthew 25:14-30
Antidote to Depression Psalm 42:4-11
10 Enjoying the "Calm" Matthew 16:24-26
11 Showing Love 1 Corinthians 13:1-7
12 Love is Waiting 1 John 4:7-10
13 Loved by God Psalm 8:1-6
14 A New Hiding Place 2 Samuel 22:1-33
15 A Time to Rest Exodus 20:8-11

Maintaining Momentum

Day 16 
God is for Me
Job 19:8-27

Day 17
Running to Win
Hebrews 11:1-12:1

Day 18
Rebuilding Our Faith
Luke 22:31-34

Day 19
A New Life
1 Chronicles 28:19-21

Day 20
Common Sense
Proverbs 4:1-10

Day 21
A Listening God
Genesis 18:20-33

Day 22
Isaiah 14:12-15

Day 23
The Highest Power
John 14:6-10

Day 24
Friends of the Light
John 3:18-21

Day 25
Persistent Prayer
Luke 11:5-10

Day 26
God's Peace
Philippians 4:4-7

Day 27
Knowing and Being Known
Hosea 6:1-3

Day 28
Resting in God
John 14:12-14

Day 29
A Trustworthy God
Mark 11:22-24

Day 30
Thirst for God
Psalm 27:1-6
from the
"Life Recovery"
Stephen Arterburn; David Stoop
(all print in green are quotes from this devotional)

*NOTE: Disclaimer: I am in no way a qualified professional or author of these "12 Steps" or anything dealing with RECOVERY This is only for my own personal use, thoughts, opinions, read, experiences, reflections, journey to recovery while being made whole in Christ. No infringement intended (nor am I sharing all the wonderful content of these) so I hope and do strongly recommend the Life Recovery Bible, workbooks, devotional, materials, ministries and any resources shared or linked. 

Personal Reflection:

Most definitely, this is the easiest step for someone like me, that's been in church, knows the Lord, and studies His Word. However, if you don't have that background or privilege, this step could be very overwhelming. But praise God, He meets and greets us right where we are, He takes us as we are and works with us. Yes, each of these 30 devotions for Step 11 leads us from the Joy of God's Presence (1) to "Thirsting for God" (30) Pools of Living Water flow forth as you get acquainted with God, through prayer and meditation, and His Word ... growing in the love and knowledge of personally knowing Him. Day 2 says "Pools of Blessings" and that is what each day becomes as you step forth in faith, believing in Him as Your Power and Source, as He restores you and you recover what has been lost throughout the years; that relationship of trust, peace, knowing and being known, loved by God completely. It can't get any better as you seek and find than finding the open arms of a forgiving, merciful, loving Savior... our God is for you!!! He wants to rebuild you and see you established, planted and growing.

Today is my dad's heavenly 103rd birthday... born in 1909! I can't help but relish in the moment that he is in God's Presence, forgiven and washed by the blood of the Lamb. I know his life was full of struggles and he was in AA or the Knights of Columbus (Catholic recovery group) for as long as I can remember. I never knew my dad as an alcoholic but a proud man for the years he was 'on the wagon', not touch a drop... redeemed. I happen to think he switched that addiction for work and church but nonetheless he recovered. I have always admired some qualities in my dad and others that I detested but the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. I treasure deeply the letter my dad left in his Bible to all of us. It was one of my greatest parts of my inheritance... he wrote of his forgiveness to me, and it means the world to this rebel daughter. I had gone home years before he died and asked him to forgive me. At the time, he said nothing then but shared something with me that I think to him meant we were much alike in some ways, our birthdays being 11 days apart and this being Step 11 (well, it makes me wanna hug my dad for sticking with it)! He loved my mother and I love him for that too! His greatest compliment that he ever gave me, along with my oldest sister, was after my mom died, when he told me that I look more like my mother than him. At the time, I had thought I resembled him and the Anderson side... so it
was a beautiful blessing that he and my sister saw my mom in me. 

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you, mom and Gary and miss you all ever so much! I can't help as I come close to completing this 30 Day Challenge, to dedicate, any success that I may persevere to run this race well, to my dad for instilling the good and the bad in me ... for the man he was showed me what I need to be (and not be)!

Thursday, September 27, 2012



We continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. (1 Corinthians 10:12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!)


Step 10 Video

STEP 10 (see previous posts of Day 1-15 for more)
Looking in the Mirror  James 1:21-25
Dealing with Anger Ephesians 4:26-27
Preventing Relapse Hebrews 4:12-13
Dangerous Pride 1 Corinthians 10:12-13
Spiritual Exercises 1 Timothy 4:7-8
Personal Boundaries Genesis 31:45-55
Positive Thoughts Philippians 4:8-9
Perseverance 2 Timothy 2:3-7
Our Defender 1 John 2:1-2
10 No Shortcuts Matthew 4:1-11
11 Daily Recovery Romans 7:18-25
12 Self-Nourishment 1 Samuel 14:20-45
13 True Wisdom James 3:17-18
14 Moderation in Everything Hebrews 12:16-17
15 Softened Hearts Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Day 16 
Dealing with Disappointment
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Day 17
Weeding the Garden
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Day 18
Open to Growth
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Day 19
New Life
1 Peter 2:1-3

Day 20
A Sensitive Conscience
1 Timothy 1:18-20

Day 21
Filling the Empty Places
Luke 11:24-26

Day 22
Admitting Our Flaws
James 4:7-10

Day 23
Helping Hands
Matthew 18:19-20

Day 24
An Honest Assessment
Philippians 3:11-14

Day 25
Healing Hunger
John 6:32-35

Day 26
Opening Up
Acts 13:21-23

Day 27
Repeated Forgiveness
Romans 5:3-5

Day 28
Recurrent Sins
1 John 1:8-10

Day 29
Healing Fellowship
1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

Day 30
Human Weakness
Zechariah 4:6-7
from the
"Life Recovery"
Stephen Arterburn; David Stoop
(all print in green are quotes from this devotional)

*NOTE: Disclaimer: I am in no way a qualified professional or author of these "12 Steps" or anything dealing with RECOVERY This is only for my own personal use, thoughts, opinions, read, experiences, reflections, journey to recovery while being made whole in Christ. No infringement intended (nor am I sharing all the wonderful content of these) so I hope and do strongly recommend the Life Recovery Bible, workbooks, devotional, materials, ministries and any resources shared or linked. 

Personal Reflection:

"Perseverance" (Day 8) and "Weeding the Garden" (17)

OK, I have to admit here that many times I've confused "perseverance" with my stubborn tendency (at least according to Merriam Webster they are related words, however not synonymous). I was hoping my years of training as a stubborn mule would somehow carry over to helping me be tenacious and persevere in the last days.
The good part is that as we battle, grow weary, and feel like giving up, we must persevere or loose the ground we've gained. So this part, I get from my years of experience. This "recovery" is a lifelong process! 

We will experience a whole host of emotions as we win some battles and loose others in our war to gain wholeness. Disappointment, discouragement and even despair set in when we can't see progress. I know because I have worked hard at changing my stubborn streak and rebellious nature into godly perseverance and it's difficult to weed out those emotions like anger or depression. To steer clear of the "weeds" or poison of our tongue and water with God's Word "growth" and "fruit" of the Holy Spirit. 
"Like a soldier, we're in a war that we can only win if we fight to the end. Like an athlete, we must train for a new way of life and follow the steps ... (of Jesus) to the finish line. Like the farmer, we must do our work in every season and then wait patiently (so hard) until we see the growth (or the change or the salvation we've been waiting to see). If we stop working ... before reaching our aim, we may lose everything we've fought for, trained ourselves for and worked for ... You cannot win the race ... by going just part way."
We may find "weeds" crop up in our life (when we least expect it) threatening to choke out the good. That's how the enemy works, ya' know. Kicks us when we're down.
Chokes us when we striving. Poisons us as we're thriving. I love this parable of Jesus as He describes this danger with His illustration of the 4 types of soil in Matthew 13.

As we continue to take personal inventory, our MORAL inventory, we need to watch for the weeds that may spring up in our lives.
M - Make time to begin your life inventory 
O - Open your heart and your mind
R - Rely on God's grace
A - Analyze your past honestly 
L - List both the good and the bad choices and events in your life  ~ 
from "Life's Healing Choices" by John Baker
 "Continuing our personal inventory is like weeding a garden; it allows the good things to grow." ~ "Life Recovery Devotional"

And we must keep tending to our garden and not allow distractions that can choke out our spiritual lives. "We need to take a few moments each day to weed out all the greed, worry, fear, selfishness, cynicism, self-pity and other negative tendencies that may take root in our hearts." And water, water, water with tender loving care and the Living Water in God's Word and "keeping looking upwards" (Karen) toward our Gardener, our Planter, our Life and Vine... our main Source of energy and strength so that He may help us see the potential weeds and soil that needs tilling before they can inhibit our growth upward and forward. Yes, we must remain "Open to Growth"(18) cultivating "New Life" (19) with a "Sensitive Conscience" (20), "Filling the Empty Places" (21), "Admitting Our Flaws" (22) and holding on and being "Helping Hands" (23) (as you can see each of these days in Step 10 keep us "looking in the mirror"(1) and "softening our hearts"(15) to nourish ourselves and prepare ourselves for the coming of Our King and His Kingdom. He reigns within us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012



We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.(Matthew 5:23-24 Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.)


Step 9 video

STEP 9 (see previous posts of Day 1-15 for more)
Keeping Promises 2 Samuel 9:1-9
From Takers to Givers  Luke 19:1-10
Rebuilding Relationships Acts 15:36-41
Good Things from God Genesis 32:1-12
Unfinished Business Philemon 1:13-16
Something from Nothing Luke 15:11-24
A Servant's Heart Philippians 2:1-8
Making Peace Matthew 5:23-25
Choosing to Love Luke 6:27-36
10 Imperfect Love John 21:14-19
11 Covering the Past Ezekiel 33:10-16
12 Desperate Hunger Proverbs 6:30-31
13 Regaining Control Exodus 22:5-6
14 Civic Duty Matthew 17:24-27
15 Authorities 1 Peter 2:13-17

Day 16 
Free from Fear
Genesis 26:1-11

Day 17
Free from Shame
Genesis 3:6-19

Day 18
Surprised by Love
Luke 15:18-21

Day 19
In the Light
Psalm 19:7-11

Day 20
Free from Sin's Penalty
Colossians 2:13-15

Day 21
Good and Bad
Galatians 3:10-13

Day 22
Nothing Added
Galatians 2:17-19

Day 23
A Clean Slate
Ephesians 2:8-10

Day 24
Proper Sensitivity
1 Corinthians 10:23-33

Day 25
Sexual Boundaries
Leviticus 18:6-26

Day 26
Giving Something Back
Romans 13:7-10

Day 27
Trusting Again
Acts 5:1-11

Day 28
Testing the Water
Genesis 32:13-21

Day 29
Long-Awaited Healing
Genesis 33:1-11

Day 30
A Time for Mending
Hosea 3:1-3
from the
"Life Recovery"
Stephen Arterburn; David Stoop
(all print in green are quotes from this devotional)

*NOTE: Disclaimer: I am in no way a qualified professional or author of these "12 Steps" or anything dealing with RECOVERY This is only for my own personal use, thoughts, opinions, read, experiences, reflections, journey to recovery while being made whole in Christ. No infringement intended (nor am I sharing all the wonderful content of these) so I hope and do strongly recommend the Life Recovery Bible, workbooks, devotional, materials, ministries and any resources shared or linked. 


FREE!(16) FREE!(17) FREE!(20)

(day 29)

(day 30)
Covering the Past (11)
Making Peace (8)
Trusting Again???

"By making amends, we become open 
to God's life changing power."

(day 28)

(day 23)

"Aligning ourselves with God's law for recovery
will bring light to our paths."


"Time can heal only those hurts 
we've brought out into the open."
(day 29)

Not much more to say than what I've chosen to highlight, quote and order the rearranging of these days as to how they spoke to me. I have been working at "giving something back" for years, but I realized that I have much work to do on my self in order to fully be and give as a true vessel of God producing fruit and bringing in the harvest, not just for others but for me and mine as well. Staying on my knees and seeking more of God. Search me and know me and change all that needs changing; help me accept the things I cannot change and give me the wisdom to know the difference and move forward. 


Evaluate all my relationships. Offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me and make amends for harm I’ve done to others when possible, except when to do so would harm them or others. (Steps 8 and 9)
“Happy are the merciful.”  “Happy are the peacemakers”
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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
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