"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Many are familiar with 
a few different
this was the one I knew
with IrisLaurie and Lynn
(Lynn's no longer hosting)
then there's also
A Holy Experience
"Multitides on Monday"
I'm doing a twist on this

It'll be

Grateful 24
Grateful 2 God
Grateful 4 God
Grateful 4 who God is

We should be GRATEFUL 24/7 or could be
 We can thank God for at least one thing each day 
this is what
is based on
but like it says above
TO (2) GOD

of course
on each 
showing our gratitude
having an attitude of gratitude
all 52 weeks of the year
[not just in November]
actually all 365 days of each year

This came to me during my 30 Days in November of "Giving Thanks, One Day at a Time" through the trials and the JOY of December. I almost couldn't wait and wanted to begin right then ... so glad that the first Thursday of 2013 is here on the 3rd (so I didn't have to wait that long).

However I still couldn't decide on the order, whether I wanted to do this A-Z or in the order of the books in the Bible OT to NT(any preferences? cuz ya' know I aim to please, ohhh, ok, I'm working on that too!). I will experience God more completely this way as I pray.

"God is not a concept or a doctrine. He is a Person, who seeks a close, one on one relationship with you and me. God does not want us to merely believe in Him, He wants to relate to us on a personal level. He does not just want to hear us recite prayers. He wants to converse with us..."
~ *Experiencing God, Henry & Richard Blackaby*

This is the reason, I want my Thankful Thursday to be about my GRATITUDE 2 GOD and 4 GOD as I know Him personally as my Father, and Jesus Christ, His Son, my Savior and friend whom I know through the Holy Spirit and our relationship over the years as God reveals Himself to me, His purposes, His ways so I can know Him in a deeper and more profound way, even if "His thoughts are not my thoughts, His ways are much higher than my ways", I would like them to be and I desire to know Him this completely, as He knows me (and you). 

Truly knowing God only comes through experiencing God as He reveals Himself to you through His Word (the Bible) and as you relate to Him. Throughout my writings in this blog (and other places), I have written about knowing God through His Names. Each of the many names for God represents a different aspect of His nature.

This is why I have chosen this way to give Him thanks because descriptions or titles of God identify who He is and how we personally came to know Him in this way. I hope that as I look to Him through His Word and His Name, His character and attributes, that I can pray more fully from a heart that knows Him and is so grateful to Him as I become more intimately aware of Him with insight into His character and experience Him anew each week.

I want to focus on knowing and sharing God better in 2013 and I hope to do so by giving thanks to God for who He is focusing on His Name and Attributes from a list I have from another book* by Stormie Omartian that I use for praying (only my copy is in Spanish so I'm translating) and if we ever run short, we can go back to my list on my 100th blog post!

The first one is found in the book of Genesis: 

is the

God is ...
Consuming Fire
Lord of lords
Honest, Upright
my Refuge*my Shield
my Sustenance, Support
Eternal Father
my Fortress
Shelter from the storm,
Shade from the heat
my Redeemer
my Resting Place
my Strength
Unchanging, Immovable
my Purifier, my Refiner
my Healer
as found in the 
Old Testament
*from Psalms
which have many more but not all given here

This SONG moves the SPIRIT within me

"HE IS... "

according to this song in 
Old Testament
1. Genesis ... breath of life
2. Exodus ... Passover Lamb
3. Leviticus ... High Priest
4. Numbers ... fire by night
5. Deuteronomy ... Moses' voice
6. Joshua ... salvation's choice
7. Judges ... law giver
8. Ruth ... kinsman-redeemer
9.   1 Samuel } trusted 
10. 2 Samuel    prophet
11. 1 Kings }
12. 2 Kings        } Sovereign
13. 1 Chronicles}
14. 2 Chronicles
15. Ezra ... true & faithful scribe
16. Nehemiah ... rebuilder
17. Esther ... Mordecai's courage
18. Job ... timeless Redeemer
19. Psalms ... our morning song
20. Proverbs ... wisdom's cry
21. Ecclesiastes ... time & season
22. Song of Songs ... lover's dream
23. Isaiah ... Prince of Peace
24. Jeremiah ... weeping Prophet
25. Lamentations ... cry for Israel
26. Ezekiel ... call from sin
27. Daniel ... stranger in the fire
28. Hosea ... forever faithful
29. Joel ... spirit's power
30. Amos ... the arms that carry us
31. Obadiah ... Lord our Savior
32. Jonah ... great missionary
33. Micah ... promise of peace
34. Nahum...strength & our shield
35. Habakkuk } pleading
36. Zephaniah    for revival
37. Haggai...restores a lost heritage
38. Zechariah ... our fountain
39. Malachi ... Son of Righteousness
rising with healing in His Wings

New Testament
40. Matthew} God
41. Mark}      Man
42. Luke}      Messiah
43. John}
44. Acts ... fire from Heaven
45. Romans ... grace of God
46. 1 Corinthians} the power
47. 2 Corinthians   of love
48. Galatians ... freedom from ...
49. Ephesians...our glorious treasure
50. Philippians... servant's heart
51. Colossians ... Godhead Trinity
52. 1 Thessalonians} our coming
53. 2 Thessalonians      King
54. 1 Timothy } our mediator &
55. 2 Timothy } our faithful

56. Titus        }       pastor
57. Philemon   }
58. Hebrews ... everlasting covenant
59. James ... the One who heals ...
60. 1 Peter} our
61. 2 Peter       shepherd
62. 1 John}
63. 2 John } lover coming for His
64. 3 John}            Bride
65. Jude    }
66. Revelation ... King of kings and
                         Lord of lords
that's 66 (kinda) and He's so much MORE
I want to see God 
as each of these to me 
in 2013

God as ...
Son of God
my Savior
my Truth
Light of the world
my Resurrection
my Conqueror
Bread of life
Omniscient, All Knowing
Omnipotent, Powerful
my Peace
Brilliance, Shining
my Reward
author of my faith
King of kings
as found in the 
New Testament

So, here's the BIG QUESTION, how can I invite and get you to join me in GIVING THANKS for who God is to you (us)! I'd like to make it easy for you to focus on just one and share how or why or something about "I'm grateful to God as my ... " or "I'm grateful for God's ... (quality) and perhaps the Scripture verse that makes you think of Him this way ... You are in no way limited to the above!

I do not want to confine us to either a letter (like A-Z) or a book in the Bible, unless you'd prefer that  ... In any event, whether you're wanting to do something on your blog or just read along on mine, please join me and let's focus our attitudes on gratitude on one of God's Attributes each week. By now, most of you who know me know that the beginning of each year is time to FAST and PRAY! This works perfectly for you to remember how each Thurs. will work by my FAST acrostic:

F: Focus on a name of God
A: Ask God in prayer to reveal Himself as that name
S: Stillness. Be still and listen to God Speak to you in His Word or as you Soak in His Presence
T: Thank Him and Tell. Say it out loud, give a Testimony for how He is this to you or you need Him to be this now.

[If you'd like a Linky, let me know, or you can just leave a comment letting us know where to go find you... ]and if you're not blogging about it, please tell us in the comments your response for the week to ... 

"I'm grateful to God as my ... " because ...  or  "I'm grateful for God's ... (quality) because ... (Scripture would be nice, if ya' got one in your head or just come back when you do, the blog's always here even when I'm not)

Thanks! I think this is the perfect way to start the New Year - looking to HIM and ALL HE IS every day of the year! I hope this brings you inspiration and fills you with a contagious gratitude attitude. Thank you and may God meet you right where you are and take you to places you've never been or encountered in HIM


Since this is already way tooooooooo long ... I will just give you a brief example of how I hope to share this:
Today's: God is my Creator (Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:13)
"Worship is celebrating Him as Our Creator and thanking Him for all that He has created."
There is a "hidden power in praising God as your Creator," acknowledging Him and accepting what He created, "releases Him to create New Life in you". All that God creates is good! You are created in His image. God loves what He creates. We are made for His Glory to shine through us. God loves all His Creation and we should love His Creation also by how we treat and take care of it all.
Heavenly Father, I adore You as Creator of everything in heaven and earth. All things were created by You and You created all things good! I praise You for Your beautiful creation! Oh Lord, I thank You because You created me and gave me life then You breathed New Life into me as I became Your daughter and asked You to be Lord in my life as my precious Savior. Thank You Holy Spirit, for continually renewing me and helping me to show that I am made in God's image, as You chisel away all that is not. I give You thanks as my Creator!

See, short and simple, not that difficult. You can do more or less. You can share more on God as Creator personally.

Just write on being grateful 2 God 4 who He is!
(as a prayer)

Next week: God is Admirable. (Exodus 15:11) except if you (or even I) find another one. Please feel free to be "Grateful 2 God 4" any of "Who He is", especially if you have something that happens that you'd like to choose another that fits you and your circumstance better.

For example, finances are tight, and you need Jehovah Jireh to provide or you'd like to express your thanks to Him for providing!!! 

You are not confined to any rules just BE GRATEFUL and GIVE THANKS to God for how He is manifesting Himself in your life to you! Let's focus on God and His Great Attributes and many Names! 

*There's a Bible study starting on Jan. 7th at Bible Cafe for Women on "Experiencing God" and the new expanded, revised edition of the book has a great list in the appendix. (I just can't get that one yet in Kindle or I'd share that ... ) but the list is endless, just like God and His love!

ONCE AGAIN (in case by now you totally forgot-my fault)
Please tell us in the comments your response for the week to ... 
"I'm grateful to God as my ... " because ...  or  "I'm grateful for God's ... (quality) because ... (Scripture would be nice if ya' got one in your head, or just come back, the blog's always here even when I'm not) or better yet you can write a prayer to Him right in my comments of how you experience God as that Name or quality of God


  1. "I'm grateful to God as my ...
    EMMANUEL - God with us."

    Thank You Emmanuel for being with me this week and always. I'm so grateful that wherever I am or go, You are with me. That You go before me, alongside of me, and behind me. You guide me each day and stay with me through all the craziness of other's around me, You keep me safe. You let me know that I can trust You to be here with me.

    Thank You Jesus for coming as Emmanuel! You were conceived and birthed by the virgin Mary but You have been conceived within me as well, in my heart. May I be as obedient as Mary was and as faithful as a good mother. Teach me Your ways. Help me to walk in them. Thank You, Lord Jesus for fulfilling the prophecies. Thank You for coming as God to be a man to identify with us. Thank You for such a great example of humbleness and humility. You came as deity yet You understand everything from birth to death of our humanness! Great are You! and greatly are You to be praised!


    Isaiah 7:14
    Matthew 1:23

  2. I'm grateful to God as my...FRIEND...because He is always with me.

    I'm focusing on this Truth this week. I've been a little lonely and homesick having to leave everyone *down the hill* after the holidays. So, I am greatly comforted by the fact, the unchangeable fact, that God is my friend. What a wonder. The God who created the universe wants to have a relationship, a friendship, with ME!

    Lord, thank You for Your constant Presence in my life. Thank You that I never walk alone, that You always stand beside me. It is a privilege that I cannot conceive - being Your friend. Help me to keep our lines of communication open, and teach me to rely on You.

    "I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn't confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me." (John 15:15, NLT)


  3. I am grateful to God as my Faithful One because He always fulfills His promises and never lets me down...

    Heavenly Father, you are truly the Faithful One in my life...a solid Rock...a Strong Tower...unfailing even as life crumbles around me and people disappoint...especially when I disappoint You...the times I went my own way and ignored Your gentle pleas...You never left me or grew tired of waiting...Your word is true and pure, and Your promises stand throughout eternity...thank you, Father, for Your faithfulness in all things, and help me grow to be more faithful in the ways I serve You and with the things I give to You....

  4. PS...I clicked on the link for your 100th post and was totally blown away! I didn't start blogging until October of that year and didn't "meet" you until later...so glad our paths crossed, my sister!

  5. I am grateful to God for being my healer. Thank You God for always watching over me, and keeping me here. I love You.


Bless you for your visit and encouraging words! I thank you and I am humbly blessed by YOU and the time you spend with me... Peace, "Mazmagi" Peggy

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