"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"Undaunted ...
Daring to do what God calls you to do"
Christine Caine

Bible Study of the Week at Faith Gateway [see more below]

"Undaunted" - to be undaunted
What does this mean to you? 
[when I picked up this book to begin reading, I had to start with this, knowing exactly what the word "undaunted" means, 
so I would not miss *Anything as I read]

Christine Caine is "Undaunted ... " and "dares to do what God calls her to do" along with her husband, Nick, and as author of this book, speaker and evangelist, among many other hats she wears like mum, pastor, co-founder of A21 Campaign as well as Equip and Empower Ministry, has written this to encourage and motivate us to do the same. What an excellent book choice to accompany "Anything" by Jennie Allen, to further challenge us to dare to move, by the power of the Holy Spirit, into what God has called each of us to do to truly BE the hands, arms, heart, feet and eyes of Jesus in a world so hurt, broken, deceived, confused and in such a need of our Savior to rescue, redeem, restore and reach beyond our comfort zone to change this world and make a difference ...

"God is able to use ANY one, to do ANYthing, in ANY place, and at ANY time in order to overcome ANY barrier."

As the last part of Christine Caine's chapter closes with, "The Challenge" that beckons and implores us as the Great Commission in Matthew 28 "to walk into the gap where He's (Jesus) thrown down the cross, to walk like Him (Jesus), to walk with Him" ... "because we know what it is to be lost and then found, hurting and then healed" and the clincher ... "unwilling to stay asleep, unafraid of the dark, unflinching in the face of disappointment, unstoppable in the face of difficulty, undaunted." That's what we are called to be! Commissioned to DO! 

Each chapter better prepares us as Christine uses her own dramatic life stories, insights and experiences to show how God rescued her from a life in which she was "unnamed, unwanted and unqualified" so that we might be encouraged to the challenge of BEing the LOVE, HOPE and the CHANGE by reaching out and rescuing others. By living out our faith in Christ completely without reservation just like the Good Samaritan but in the 21st century shining into the dark places in this world, and going beyond. 

This book could not have spoken any more clearly or convincingly to me directly from God as a confirmation and a conviction of His plan and purpose as Christine inspires us with her keen insights and steps to move ahead in our life journey, mission and destiny. There are so many facets offered to help us in the 4 different parts of this book leading up to finally "The Challenge" from "God Knows My Name" to "God Knows My Pain" to "God Knows My Fear" to "God Knows My Destiny".

Christine Caine shows us how she overcame her past to dare to do what God called her to do and so can we! We can overcome our painful experiences and circumstances to use in helping others further along in God's Kingdom. 

"Undaunted" shows the way to redemption and justice that is found when faith becomes action, when passion becomes pursuit of going beyond your self and your plight so that you become part of His purposeful plan to make a difference for someone else ... ANY ONE ...like ANYTHING. No one can do everything, but we each can be someone that does something.

I believe that God led me to Christine's book at the perfect time, combined with Jennie Allen's "ANYTHING..." with Good Morning Girls, for such a time as this. The Parable of the Good Samaritan has taken on a more powerful and meaningful influence in my own life and mission to refresh and renew my commitment and service to Him. 

This book was provided to me by Booksneeze.com in exchange for my review.

Disclosure of material connection:
I received this book free from the publisher Thomas P. Nelson through the BookSneeze.com book review blogger's program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

*"Anything" by Jennie Allen (the prayer that unlocked my God and my soul) is/was the Summer Online Bible/ Book Study with Good Morning Girls (GMG) and WOW - what a fabulous meaningful choice! I followed along with an Audible copy and really found this to challenge me and further my praying anything ... the perfect companion of "Undaunted" or vice versa. I shared about "Anything" back here and added as we progressed.

Because I was so strongly blessed by this book and I wanted to go further, and because I so strongly believe in the cause that Christine and Nick furthered by "daring to do what God called them to do" ... I highly recommend this for a church or individual study! 

Here's a sample of the accompanying Bible Study to go with this book for
Undaunted Small Group Bible Study by Christine Caine (Video session 1)

...and over at Faith Gateway, there are Bible Study Questions for this section of


The DVD and Study guide are sold separately and available online

ChristianBook.com - http://zndr.vn/MT7Cdw
Amazon.com - http://zndr.vn/MT7ISz
BN.com - http://zndr.vn/MT7GKi

"Undaunted Small Group Bible Study" by Christine Caine. In the Undaunted Small Group Bible Study, Christine Caine uses her own dramatic life story to show how God rescued her from a life where she was unnamed, unwanted, and unqualified and rescued her into a God-filled and faith-fueled life. 

In five sessions that correspond with the Undaunted video, you will be challenged to wake up to the needs of those around you and inspired to go into a dark and troubled world, to bring hope, create change, and and live completely for Christ.

This compelling five-session video-based Bible study offers life-transforming insights about how not only to overcome the challenges and often painful circumstances we all experience, but to actually grow from those experiences and be equipped and empowered to help others.

So what are you waiting for? Be THE LOVE. Be THE HOPE. Be THE CHANGE that this world needs. 

Session titles include:
1. The CALL 
2. Be the LOVE
3. Be the HOPE
4. Be the CHANGE

Christine Caine is no stranger to suffering. Overcoming childhood abuse and later in her thirties finding out she was adopted, Christine has embraced God's love to find hope and healing. She is director of Equip & Empower Ministries and founder of the anti-human trafficking organization The A21 Campaign. Christine and her husband, Nick, live in Sydney, Australia.
[source:information that was included with the YouTube video from Zondervan]

* my apologies that this is probably the worst review I've written so far and so long, even though it';s favorable and I recommend it with 5 stars, but the book is so wonderful and spoke so many truths and insights to me, I could not focus on what struck me the most or how much it personally impacted and influences me at this point in my life and my spiritual journey.

For some reviews I read when choosing this book, that were not so favorable, I decided that those reviewers were not in a place in their own life to receive or understand the depths of the author and her book as she conveyed with hopes on equipping and empowering us to follow God's call and leading. I do not feel as some wrote that Christine Caine focused too much on herself or enough on the real trafficking stories (she did not just throw them in) they are what motivate her to DO something! I felt she used them, and tied this all together very well in difference to other reviewers. Because this means so much to me, I had a difficult time being concise and conveying all that "Undaunted" brings to light in the midst of the darkened world of trafficking or even Christine's personal trials and experiences shared. Christ's light is the real light that shines through "undaunted"!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


or better yet "The LOVE & RESPECT Experience" that
I don't yet have but so desperately need

I guess I must be back full swing blogging (even though I'm still not able to easily have reliable computer and service conveniently, it is better) because I have many posts scheduled and processing in my mind. God just seems to be speaking to me everywhere and I can't contain myself or stop from sharing.

As I opened many emails (once again, trying to catch up when I can), God kept sending me messages that I need (He has a way of emailing me just what He thinks I need when I need it and will listen) including the messages that I added to the ends of some previously posted posts from me.  This one just seems to really be for me, but perhaps there will be something in it for you, too!


In your anger do not sin: Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. Ephesians 4:26-27

Action: When I realize I’m getting angry, I will tell myself, I will not let the sun go down on my anger. Before I put my head on the pillow,
my anger will be gone.
* * *
My problem with my anger is not that I "let the sun go down on" it or "before I put my head on the pillow" ... it's getting through the day without allowing "anger" to give the enemy a foothold in me or my life or my day from insignificant irritations (so much like the pearl process, significance and parable).  

This article came via Faith Gateway, which sends me Devotionals Daily. I'm beginning to get the hint, from God (lol) though I have been clearly aware of this deficiency and inadequacy in my character for quite some time ... I have not dealt with it, nor resolved it at all. I definitely need prayer about my problem with "anger". But you have to click over and read "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Although it's probably another book I need, I've read and had other "anger" management books before and that does not seem to do the trick or be my solution. So here's another challenge and book on my wish list (but not for now, even if it'd be a really great way to honor my marriage and 37th? (and not counting since 18th) anniversary. It'd be a great gift for him and me if we were on this same path: "seeking Christ and experiencing Christ together" as it should be ... the sample is really more than enough right now for me to digest. Maybe by our 40th, God willing ... we'll be ready to share this:

In just the table of contents, I found such wonderful acrostics for C.O.U.P.L.E. (how to spell "LOVE" to your wife) and C.H.A.I.R.S.(how to spell "RESPECT" for your husband)... Wonderful!

So now let me feebly attempt to answer the questions presented in YOUR TURN from over at Faith Gateway: 

  • “I believe there is no more dangerous emotion for a married couple to deal with than anger.” Do you both agree? What other emotions are hard for you to deal with?
I could not agree more with this after allowing issues to remain unresolved and stuffed over the many years of my marriage. Both agree hardly ever anymore. What other emotions...? are you kidding? try every single one ... there is not an emotion when you're highly emotional that is not difficult to deal with unless you surrender and give it to God allowing and asking (pleading in my case) to take this thorn away... 

You name any emotion, and if it's out of control, especially God's control over the person, it becomes volatile. It can be a positive or negative emotion. If your partner tends to exhibit a different emotion to your emotion, it too can cause problems. I'm sure this does not make sense to many of you. However, I constantly have to put my emotions under the power of the Holy Spirit, because somehow they seem to be the source for many of the MESSES in my life, which lead me back through those MAZES and pretty soon, I'm clinging to the hem of my Master and Lord, asking for forgiveness or a MIRACLE (hence my blog title once again) as I place my emotion in His control. Calm down and slow down. [the exact opposite that I use to tell a sweet passive person - unmotivated or motivated by little - "to think faster, act faster and move faster." Guess I have to eat my own advice in the opposite direction.] 

I think as marital spouses, we tend to differ on many issues and agree less and less as we age. I really need to mature and balance my emotions. At one time, my mate was my balance. Now it seems that he is the source of my imbalance and sends me into high gear in all of my emotions. Give me a list of emotions, and more than likely they are hard for me to deal with ... and add any opposition, they become highly volatile. Good and bad. My passion stirs me to act but perhaps causes others to withdraw. My joy or impulsiveness may be difficult for others to comprehend, containing them, difficult for me. I'm a person of extremes. I'm so thankful for the precious words of a very dear Christian sister and friend recently: "no two kids are alike anyway!  Our Father loves both of us and if we thought exactly the same on everything it would be kinda strange!  So I VALUE anything and everything you share and know that even though our paths cross frequently, we are on different journeys to the same home...and His grace covers it all!" Double this for spouses!!! It'd be nice and so reassuring if both spouses were on the same journey together first to that eternal home. "Ay, there's the rub ..." 

  • When marital tension cranks up and frustration is turning to anger, why is slipping into “default mode” a real possibility? How much does rationalization have to do with allowing yourself to slip into default mode? What does James 1:20 have to say about rationalizing angry language and behavior?
All I can say for right now is "God forgive me" for the many times I've allowed the enemy to provoke me into reacting rather than being holy or giving a holy response in love and showing respect for whoever that other person may be ... whether spouse or another. So I really need these words in this "default section" of the devotional...WOW... and I echo strongly the need of this prayer from the bottom of my heart:
["Ask the Lord for the wisdom to defeat Satan, the schemer who intends to gain a foothold in your marriage through sinful anger. Thank Him for any progress you have made in controlling anger and not letting real feelings turn into hard feelings."}
Lord, I ask for wisdom to defeat satan in every battle. Help me to not give him a foothold in my life or in my marriage or in my relationships with others through sinful anger. May I learn to not show my foolishness or react in anger. I bind that sinful reaction and release a holy, respectful response and way in me toward every other individual. May I see them as You see me, treat them as You treat me with love and show respect in every way. Thank You for any progress that I may have made in these last 18 years in controlling my anger or pausing whenever I have ... control me and bridle my tongue from speaking forth anything in anger. Keep my real feelings from turning into hard feelings. Soften my heart and my reactions! Flow lovingly from me whenever I am frustrated, disappointed or reacting rather than responding. Teach me the principles of the "energizing cycle" to arrive to the "rewarded cycle" because I'm so tried of living in the vicious cycle of the enemy that has been trying to kill, steal, rob and destroy your holy power alive and living in me. Keep me from retaliating with words or cutting remarks, pushing buttons or responding to a button pushed. I will not try to justify feelings. I will not succumb to the enemy and his tactics and continue to show any disrespect toward another or respond with an angry tone, look or thought as I give Your Holy Spirit control over me. Bring forth Your fruit in me and help me mature in You in Jesus' Name ... 
Your messed up daughter, Peggy ... still growing up & learning 

James 1:20 “Your anger can never make things right in God’s sight” 

Thank You for this Truth. (and so many others that You are REVEALING)

  • What do you think of Emerson’s idea to repeat Proverbs 14:29 three times as a way to control angry feelings? Could this work for you? Are you willing to try it?
I sure hope so. And I'm going to try. Seems better than my failed attempts to be silent or count to 10 ... and much better than an angry reaction.

{perhaps I need 30 days of Love and Respect}

I'm so tired of the 
cycles of life
I call them

yet I never grow tired of God's
aMazing Grace
my life's pages
given or sent
as I

{perhaps all of this is somehow tied together in my 
upcoming F.A.I.T.H. DARE journey for the next 30 days}

I so love this acrostic I found
"Forward All Issues To Heaven"

this one on 
by Steven Beesley.

"Respect is not free and cannot be taken for granted.
Earn it from others, only comes with good deeds. *Expect the best.
Show respect towards others first, if you expect it in return.
Practice humility, patience and compassion.
Earnestly learn from others and give credit where it is due.
Cannot command it, you must work hard for it.
Total commitment to excellence is required."

*my addition

I'm sure if I thought about this I could come up with my own. 
Maybe I'll end up writing a book called the "Respect Dare" ... 
oh that's right, I already shared one like that...
by Nina Roesner and the "Love Dare" by Alex and Stephen Kendrick
maybe mine could be
Love and Respect
since I've failed so miserably in both, I'd need more than 30 days,
but it could be the direction or push I need to overcome my lack

What's the opposite of "anger"?


Why am I so easily irritated?

[without the Hallelujah]

Thank You Lord
for not being that way with me
perhaps You are and that's 
why I'm receiving these emails and messages
either way

Hallelujah Anyhow!

I'm resigned from being a "people pleaser"* so I'm determined 
Help me, Lord!

* wasn't too good at that either neither ...

To Be Pleasing You
Psalm 19:14
* sorry that this did not post earlier at my regular times but I forgot to change the time and it laid waiting until some late time when I was writing it... oops, maybe God did not want you to wake up to my anger either since I went to bed without any anger ... 

Monday, July 29, 2013


30 Day Faith Dare
... starts today over at Bible Cafe for Women.

I decided that I will be doing this but starting on August 1st and I will not be posting every day. I read today that BCW is also starting the Dares on August 1st and reading Intro, Chapter 1 and 2 before then. The book is a decent price over at Amazon Kindle store.

I read the following over at BCW:

"Faith Dare is a 30-day journey of self reflection, awareness of faith, and learning to flow with the life God has prepared for you. In the first ten days of the study, the dare is to Live UP! In relationship to God. Instead of looking in the mirror at self, or across the cafe table at your friends, you’re challenged to look UP and see yourself from God’s view. The next ten days, you’re challenged to LIVE IN! and surrender self to a life of beauty and grace in the eyes of the Father. Finally, you complete the last ten days living in relationship to others. When you LIVE OUT! you focus on how you reflect God’s love to others.

Some of the daily lessons in the Faith Dare book include:

Dare to ask God for a new heart
Dare to pay attention to God’s lead
Dare to believe you are God’s treasure and of great value to Him
Dare to love well
Dare to use your tongue to bless and build up others

    Author Debbie Alsdorf recommends reading one faith dare lesson a day, in the morning, so you can reflect on the lesson and apply it to your daily activities. This is the third time I will be reading this book. I found the experience rewarding and beneficial to my day. Since the lessons are short, I was able to read this prior to my morning bible study. When I missed a lesson and doubled-up, reading two lessons in one day, I found it lessened the value of the challenge and I easily forgot the lesson for the day. To learn more about Debbie Alsdorf, visit her website  www.Design4Living.org - See more at: Women's Bible Cafe

... and then I hopped over to Debbie's Design 4 Living Blog, which convinced me that I needed to go DEEPER (but that's another one of Debbie's books) so I looked further into this FAITH DARE challenge, deciding I was too much like the Samaritan woman hoping it would be true ... my heart needs changing but even more, I need to re-boot according to what I read from The Message Debbie shares from Colossians 3:1-3,5,7 but especially verse 17:
"Let every detail in your lives, words, actions, whatever, be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.”

THAT is exactly what I need: that every detail in my life, my words and actions, whatever, would BE DONE in the name of the Master, ... I really want to LIVE what I believe and read in God's Word, to ACT as if I live my FAITH on a daily basis and allow His Spirit to transform me by what I read and apply,to be filled afresh with the power of the Holy Spirit, the same kind of revival like many are experiencing in different churches in the USA and around the world. I desire to be INTENTIONALLY LIVING my FAITH, not just "talking the talk" but "walking the walk" ... I most definitely need to DO these DARES. I want my FAITH to move mountains! 

I will share once in a while along this journey throughout August here on my blog ... but the best place to follow is over at Bible Cafe for Women and/or with Debbie Alsdorf in her book and on her blog! I was leaning towards reading/doing "Embrace Grace" since earlier this year (but it'll have to wait). First FAITH than GRACE or maybe HOPE ...His aMazing Grace is always before me!

Living my life to the fullest,

* if and when I do post on the FAITH DARE, I will use the book cover above as my lead image ... and try to include what the Day is and the Dare or reading. For example:Day 1 (which will be August 1st for me) "Ask God for a new heart" (p. 45 in her book) "The Miracle of a New Heart" ... 

Ezekiel 36:26

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you;

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Are you in need of a new heart?or even a heart transformation?

[even on their Facebook they have small groups]
and of course, Debbie Alsdorf

*** late on August 1st I have my first dual post of FAITH DARE, Day 1 and 2 (maybe I will continue and just add to that post if it doesn't get too long or at least that one will link to my future FAITH DARE days ...

Sunday, July 28, 2013


"When you say, “Thy kingdom come,” you are inviting the Messiah Himself to walk into your world . . . . This is no feeble request; it’s a bold appeal for God to occupy every corner of your life." ~ Max Lucado 

... for this week ...
Let's look at
Chapter 6 & 7
from our
The Throne and The Study
Chapter 6
...Thy Kingdom Come...
Chapter 7
...Thy Will Be Done...

"The Great House of God"
A Home for Your Heart
by Max Lucado

Matthew 6:9-13

1. The Great House of God: A Home for Your Heart 
2. The Living Room: When Your Heart Needs a Father 
3. The Foundation: Where Trust Begins 
4. The Observatory: A Heavenly Affection 
5. The Chapel: Where Man Covers His Mouth 
6. The Throne: Touching the King’s Heart
7. The Study: How God Reveals His Will 
8. The Furnace: Because Someone Prayed 
9. The Kitchen: God’s Abundant Table 
10. The Roof: Beneath God’s Grace 
11. The Hallway: Grace Received, Grace Given 
12. The Family Room: Learning to Live Together 
13. The Walls: Satan, God’s Servant 
14. The Chapel: Relying on God’s Power 
15. A Home for Your Heart

Since we were in the LIVING ROOM, how I have longed to touch the Father's heart as He has mine - since I'm such a needy Christian or have been most of my growing years, my heart really is in need of a touch from the King. Perhaps I consider this touch to be similar to the Midas touch ... yet I'm sure from the precious experiences I've had that the ones with the King of kings is so much better and filled with such compassion and wisdom and so much more. At times it leaves me speechless and usually awe stricken. 

This week, I'm leaning in to the Father, to touch His heart in the THRONE ROOM with the boldness He deserves and so often I have lacked because of shame or cumbersome burdens and problems that I probably caused myself. But this week, it will be different. I have access to His THRONE ROOM through His Son, Jesus Christ. I've known this for a long, long time but I'm in need of being filled with this power with Godly fear and recognition of the supernatural Divine Presence here at the THRONE where I gladly come in complete surrender and reverence of the King!

I am beyond willing! I am beyond wanting! I am beyond waiting! I am really READY for this encounter and can't wait to be in the STUDY either, where His will and He will be revealed to a higher level. Can't get much higher than His THRONE ... 

let's come back throughout the week and share 
in the comments as we read about
...Thy Kingdom Come...
...Thy Will Be Done...
[each section is from the study *written by Steve Halliday 
included in the back of Max's book] 

Just because I have it ALL here in one post, does not mean, this is ALL for today. It's to get your wheels turning and let you think beyond, see what's coming and come back to respond to each section any day you want, even though I have suggested days for each, you do as you like and as you are able. OK? No high pressure from me. I have also been more selective and have only chosen a couple of the study's questions but if you have the book and prefer another question, please feel free to share the question and your response in the comment. 

Chapter 6
 Let's Ponder
for Mon./Tues.

When you say, “Thy kingdom come,” you are inviting the Messiah Himself to walk into your world . . . . 
This is no feeble request; it’s a bold appeal for God to occupy every corner of your life. 

A. Have you ever invited the Messiah to walk into your world? If so, how? If not, why not? 

B. Does God “occupy every corner of your life” right now? Explain. If not, would you like him to? Explain.

When we pray for God’s kingdom to come, it comes! All the hosts of heaven rush to our aid. 

If God’s kingdom were to come into your workplace, what would happen?

The other question deals with Haman and Satan. Question #2 "For Haman, the massacre is a matter of expediency. For Satan, it is a matter of survival. He will do whatever it takes to impede the presence of Jesus in the world." ... in your very own world ...
... and also the last part of question #3 from the study guide.

Let's Prepare

Read Hebrews 12:28. 
A. What kind of kingdom are we to receive? How is this significant? 
B. What is to be our response to this promise? 
C. How is God described in this verse? Do you often think of him this way? Explain.
{this is question #4 in the study guide}

In question #1 we are to consider the phrase "Thy Kingdom come" and what comes to mind and why we should pray for that. In Question #2, we are to read Esther 3-9 about the calamity facing God's people, Esther's part, Mordecai's part, the king's role ... and choose a key verse for each chapter. An interesting note about the book of Esther is that it is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God by name, but can you see Him in this book anyways.
Question #3 is also from Hebrews but it's chapter 4:14-16 and the title given to Jesus and how this title tells us about His work on our behalf. What conclusion we can draw and whether we take advantage of this.

Chapter 7
 Let's Ponder
for Weds./Thurs.

"To pray, “Thy will be done” is to seek the heart of God. A. Why does praying “thy will be done” indicate that we’re seeking the heart of God? How is this prayer to change us? 
B. If you had to describe the heart of God to a non-Christian, what would you say?"

"Want to know God’s will for your life? Then answer this question: “What ignites your heart?” . . . The fire of your heart is the light of your path. Disregard it at your own expense. 
A. Do you want to know God’s will for your life? If He were to tell you specifically and audibly right now what His will for you is, would you be willing to do it, no matter what? Explain. 
B. What ignites your own heart? What fills you with enthusiasm? Do you see how that interest can be translated into God’s will for your life? Are there any cautions you should observe with this advice? If so, what?
{these are questions #2 and 4 from the study guide}

Let's Prepare

Max lists four components that work together to help us find God’s will:
. The people of God. 
. The Word of God. 
. Our walk with God. 
. The fire of God.

Explain how each of these components works. 
Which of these components do you utilize most frequently? Which do you tend to overlook? What, if anything, needs to change so that all four can work together for you to find God’s will?
{this is question #2 from the study guide}

Read Luke 24:13–35. 
A. What were the two men talking about as they walked to Emmaus? How would you describe their demeanor? 
B. How did Jesus approach the men? Why do you think he approached them like this, and not more directly? 
C. How did the men finally recognize Jesus? Is there anything significant about this? If so, what? 
D. How did the men respond to their encounter? In what way is this a model for us?
{this is Question #3 from the study guide}

Question #1 deals more with "Thy will be done" and Question #4 has to do with what we can learn about God's will as we read Matthew 7:21, 10:29; John 6:40; Acts 18:21; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 5:17–21; 1 Thessalonians 4:3–8, 5:18. 
How eager are you to do the will of God He has already revealed to you? Take time to ask Him to help you fulfill His will, whatever it may be for you.

 Let's Pray 
on Fri. for both Chapters

(6) "Get a concordance and look up the word kingdom, in the Gospel of Matthew (there are more than fifty references). Then take your Bible and read through each of these verses, trying to get a “bird’s-eye view” of the kingdom of God. As you read, frequently stop to pray about what you are learning. Remember, you are praying to the King of the kingdom!"

"Spend some time asking God to occupy every corner of your life. What corners might you still be withholding from him? Finances? Relationships? Work? School? Recreation? Be as honest with yourself as possible and take inventory of your life. Then invite the King to take control in every area."

"Get out a concordance and look up the word will
looking especially for those verses that tell us something about the will of God. Make a list of the items that are specially mentioned as being God’s will for all of His children. Then spend some time praying about this list, thanking God for helping you to fulfill His will in those areas in which you are doing well, and asking Him for His strength in those areas in which you struggle." 
"Many times we do not know exactly what God’s will might be for us; we must follow the Lord’s example in the Garden of Gethsemane by telling the Lord our request, then concluding our prayer by asking that “nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done.” If there is some issue in your life that fits this model, pray about it right now."

songs added after posting for 
Let's Pray



new artist to me
Angie Lendon
so beautifully


I’m leaving you peace. I’m giving you My peace. I don’t give you the kind of peace that the world gives. So don’t be troubled or cowardly." ~ NOG version

On a PEACE filled break during 
I hope and pray
is on
although I'm still

I was going to leave you with the 'priestly blessing' found in Numbers 6:24-26 SO THAT "The Lord (would)bless you and keep you--the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace

However, a while back, in the beginning of 2013, I promised that there would be a time I would share more BLESSINGS with you. So each week, I will post some of those BLESSINGS written by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado, until you receive all his "31 Blessings":

... continued from previous weeks ...
the last one

"Thirty-One – A Blessing for God’s People
Now may the God of grace and peace let His face shine upon you. Be aware of His relentless tenderness and devotion to you. Sense the power of His spirit. Be kind to others as He has been kind to you. Give grace as he has given grace to you. Grant the message of salvation to someone as he has granted it to you. Go in peace.

“This promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away. It is for everyone the Lord our God calls to Himself.” Acts 2:39

"31 Days of Blessings" from Max Lucado

from my heart and His through the words of
Max Lucado

I did not know when I promised to share MORE BLESSINGS that Max Lucado would be the one through whom these blessings would come from God but I'm so thankful for gift of his writing, so when I read these, I tucked them away for such a time as this and did not keep the place from where Max shared/wrote this, so my apologies ... Thank you Max Lucado for these wonderful blessings to share with the readers that pass by here, I pray each one receives all 31 Blessings every day and every month. Please go back and read all the others. Be blessed! 


*MORE PERSONAL THOUGHTS: There are more and more and more good studies online and books that I can hardly decide which direction ... 

I love GMG studies(especially the one we just finished, thanks Jennie Allen and GMG community and team). 

I love SHE READS TRUTH You Version online studies!

I love Proverbs 31 (all of the team and their books and studies) and I love Bible Cafe for Women with Christine Smith (all her excellent choices, just finishing another wonderful Priscilla Shirer one and announced a new great one)... but as you may know, I'm in the midst of doing one myself of a great book that I couldn't pass up attempting to share as an online study ... (the reason SONday nights are now SOS - Study on SONday and I should have posted this there but it's already overwhelmingly loaded with so much).

SO ... I felt the Lord telling me to study Hebrews ... (which I looked into)... (I'm definitely not qualified to teach on that book of the Bible and did not find any to my liking - hint, hint SRT for an upcoming online study). 

I thought I was all set to join Melissa Taylor with LysaTerKeust's book on saying "Yes, to God ... " (I was leaning toward this one 'cuz I already have the book, so eager to say "yes, to God" like I am with Hebrews and would not have to purchase a new book) (that's why I love SRT studies because they do ones from the real book-the Bible) but then this FAITH CHALLENGE pops up (which kinda goes with what God was leading me to do Hebrews) I think (although Hebrews is not just about "faith") so maybe I need a challenge (as if doing my own study and finishing it, isn't enough of a challenge? - just wait until you see my Tues. Book Review) ... but it would be great to start off August with a 30 Day Challenge ... hmmmmm. Plus in September, I've already set aside and started a draft of a 30 day study (ohhh, shhhh, don't tell, but it really is time for ACTS for me and not just reading, studying and storing it up in my head)(maybe that was too big of a hint). 

Too much to PONDER, but at least I have shared a whole lot of really good choices (plus my own is not finished and deserves my full attention) STILL welcoming any of you to join in, with or without the book, you are welcome to share and pray the "Our Father, which this study revolves around, in a special way, with one of my favorite authors. Tonight at 6 pm it posts!  

Meanwhile, taking this up with Our Father ... 

GREAT NEWS!!! Pastor Rick Warren and Kay are BACK at their church: Saddleback Church in CA with a great new series for each of us "How to Get Through What You're Going Through". I listened today and will listen again and again as they continue with this series, and you should also. It's available Online all throughout the week and also will be in the archives here

I would love to do the 
you all.

I guess I just need to talk with y'all about

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of all compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others with the same comfort that we’ve received from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3

When what you’ve hoped for most is taken from you, how do you find hope again? We get through what we go through based on what we know—so it’s critical to know God and his Word. 2 Corinthians 1 reminds us there are three things we can know: 
1)Life doesn’t make sense, but we can have peace because we know God is with us and He loves us; 
2) everything on earth is broken, but we can have joy because we know God is good and has a greater plan; 3) life is a battle, but we can have hope because we know there’s more to the story. 

Let’s Talk It Over and do battle with hopelessness.

Next 6 Weeks
"How To Get Through What You Go Through"
with Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

SHOCK: When your world falls apartAug. 3-4
SORROW: When your heart is breakingAug. 10-11
STRUGGLE: When you don’t understandAug. 17-18
SURRENDER: How to experience peaceAug. 24-25
SANCTIFICATION: How God turns bad to goodAug. 31-1
SERVICE: How to use your pain for goodSept. 7-8

Guess this is why I get Pastor Rick Warren's
in my emails
and I also get them in Spanish
(and on occasion listen to his radio program too)

Maybe you need some 

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