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Sunday, January 19, 2014


On Jan. 12th, Pastor Pete Wilson with Cross Point Church tv began the series on "Let Hope In" (his recent book that I reviewed last fall) and I covered that here for CHOICE #1 and this week he moved right along into CHOICE #2, so he did not cover the other chapters I mentioned at the end of my post. So it looks like he will/is doing a CHOICE each week (which is 3-4 chapters in his book) in a little over a half hour message that you can watch here (at iTunes or their YouTube Channel video).

Week 2
Ephesians 1:18

"It's OK to not be OK"

"Let Hope In: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever" 
by Pete Wilson.

Choosing to TRANSFORM instead of TRANSFER


1st message
January 12th, 2014
(1) Transform or Transfer
(2) Leaving Shame Behind
(3) No Regrets


Choosing to be OK with not being OK

2nd message
"It's OK to not be OK"
January 19, 2014

Chapters in his book:
(4) I Can't (Confession)
Your Greatest Fear
I'm Not Okay
Wasting Away
Set Free
(5) The Healer
Touching the Untouchable
A Healing God
Help Me
(6) Embracing the Past
Beyond what you can handle
Overcoming the past

Looking at David this week
Psalm 32:1-7

"...who is confession for? ...
David begins by saying "confession is for our sake".
"the blessing is for you; ... it comes in forgiveness"

" Confession isn't DOING something about our sin; rather it means admitting that we can't DO anything about our sin."

"In confession, there is a breakthrough ..."

 "Confession in the presence of another believer is the most profound kind of humiliation."

Romans 10:9
James 5:16

"Silence always leads to more pain and guilt and festering inside."

 My favorite part in the video is around (22:30 to 23:23 to 30:05) to his beautiful ending and prayer:

The church needs to be a place where we can honestly confess our weaknesses and get help. Jesus is passionate about people being REAL, open and authentic (Matthew 23:27-28)... this is where we find healing. Jesus wants the church to be a community that does not pretend to be healthy, Jesus desires the church to be more like a "hospital" for all of us as sinners, not a "hotel" for the saints (not the exact quote of Rick Warren but it gets the main idea across). We need to create an environment in our church community, where people feel safe to confess what is going on in our lives. Jesus is saying that the church is to be a community where we "want to honor honesty and confession above the appearance of perfection.This is why Jesus comes as the Healer, the Great Physician. "Jesus comes for people who wrestle with their sin, not for those who pretend to be healthy..." Jesus, Himself, demonstrated His scars to His disciples, to show us that suffering is unavoidable--- and invites them to touch His scars, "collecting scars is part of the human journey on earth", not even the innocent (or certainly Jesus would have) Jesus shows them that He has been healed ... SO THAT "we offer our scars to the world, not just to prove our identity, we offer our scars not just to show them our story and the journey we have been on ", but so they can see the healing power of Christ in our lives ... Love this part on SCARS and the truth of the impact, the scars are there to remind us that we are human, this is the HOPE in our story to prove the healing power of Jesus, because "the reality is "time does not heal all wounds", God does ..."

"LET the story of YOU
be a

"All the guilt, all the shame, all the stuff you’ve been carrying maybe for years and years and years . . . you can be set free."

"... David ends his prayer of confession in Psalm 32
not with despair
not with discouragement
not with depression
not with self-doubt.
He ends with JOY!"

It's OK to CONFESS that I'm NOT OK


  1. There is so much in this post that spoke to me, Peggy. So much. But I'm going to comment on the one thing that really stood out. "It's OK to not be OK." Yup, I really liked that one. For me, it meant that it's all right to feel sad, or physically worn out, or emotionally spent. It's OK to not paste on a happy face when things are not happy. It's OK to be human, to be real.

    For, in the end, it's OK to not be OK because I know The One who came to do something about all the not-OK in this world. And one day, He is coming again to make it all OK once more!


    1. (sigh) oh yes, Sharon ... it's OK and right now all those human emotions flood us (tears well up as I think of you and our other friends right now); yet far too often we try to mask it rather than BE REAL! But this is why you and I connect so easily and amicable because between us, we are always real and comfortable with the times we are not OK and need to share our not OKness, in a world that expects OK or pretends to falsely be OK, especially once they enter the church arena ...
      the pretentious and quick "I'm fine, how are you's?" or other expressions to move along and not get involved with caring ... my, oh, my, how this speaks to me (cuz I am exactly not that way) ... when I'm not OK, everyone beware ... and usually know ... I fall apart (or have fallen apart easily at church) when I think often others looked at me before that as one who may have it altogether until they saw me break. Not I break all the time before God, at my home church ... etc. sometimes more easily than others ... when you're involved in ministry, it seems that you cannot show that you are weak, fragile, vulnerable or filled with err ... yep, been there, done that ... guess, ya hit a sore spot with this one... of course, I read Pete Wilson's book and heard this message a few times just because it spoke so clearly and those next 2 chapters 5 & 6 whoa ... so much! (I'm thinking I may come back to them at some time and share THEIR content too ... even though he is not) ...

      Blessings Sharon... I'm so glad that we can be not OK together when need be. :0)
      (had to come back and fix my error)


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