"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Monday, March 31, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 27

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]

Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 27
Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16

NOTE: For now, on the upcoming posts, I just have the scripture (when the title reads the day and has "scripture only") until the final day, because this is all I had prepared from Pauline Creeden's book (and I don't have access to it here, right now). 

I have flown home in MN for an emergency and am not able to attend to these but hope to come back and fill them in later when I can. So for now ... Day 27-32, 34-39 have nothing more than scripture. Day 33 and Day 40 have additional parts from me. Also I have a Great HOLY WEEK planned! I do not know how long I will be in MN or return, but I appreciate prayers whenever you remember me, for myself and my spouse. Thank you!

" This is what the Lord says:
Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.
    But you said, ‘We will not walk in it  ...  
My commentary is not about horses from the devotional, but just on the Bible verse and how it corresponds with a vision from a friend of my husband that I just met the day of his surgery, as we waited and she prayed with me, she shared this.
The word that the vision and this verse share is "STAND". This is why I wanted to share about this because it struck me when the first word for this verse from the Lord once again was stand.
The vision: she (Maria de la Luz, which means Mary of the light) was in the entrance of an old church with pews and she was looking toward the front to a bright light that shone on my husband and also illuminated his face so that she could see a tear running down his cheek and she also had one; and when my husband came out of surgery in intensive care, I saw that tear run down his cheek and mine ... a softening of his heart being prepared by the Lord to receive Him as his Lord and Savior, but not yet. 2 of the 5 or more people around my husband also do not yet believe, so it's a spiritual battle and front that is constantly there. It was such a blessing for me to be with my home church family the Sunday after the surgery ... however, the first day home from the hospital, I was wiped out completely by an influenza (both ends) ... so I do need the REST spoken of in this verse ... and I am more than willing to REST.

We each may be at a Crossroad in our life,

but we need to
on the
Rock of our salvation
no matter what battle or valley we encounter


Sunday, March 30, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 26 (scripture only)

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]

Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 26
Scripture: Matthew 11: 28-30

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest. For the yoke I will give you is easy, and the load I will put on you is light.” (GNTD)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 25

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]

Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 25
Scripture: Psalm 34:9 (NKJV)

Pauline shares this from Pascal:

There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus."  Blaise Pascal

after explaining the upkeep of a healthy horse and lifespan.

Yet, she points out that humans require so much more upkeep, 
but still inside of us, there is a hunger and thirst 
beyond our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter 
{there are many that lack these basics}

... " We often try to fill it with our own addictions: sports, food, alcohol, control of our children, or even our husbands. But in none of these things will we find ourselves FULFILLED." ... Pauline Creeden

Friday, March 28, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 24

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]

Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 24
Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-9 

This is really a good one! just as Pauline writes it

"When a horse becomes tame and experienced, he begins to think that he knows what the rider is going to want from him ." Pauline Creeden

Pauline goes on by illustrating the horse "predicting what the rider may want" ahead of the command or signal, "crossing the fine line of obedience and being impatient" like we do often in our walk with God ...

... "There are times when we believe we’ve heard from God and we jump ahead into doing what we think He wants. Usually this is without really talking to Him about it, and then we ask Him to bless it. ... When we are prompted by the Spirit we need to pray until we know that it’s God’s will, instead of just guessing. We need to remember that we are guided by Him always, and never try to take the bit and get ahead of Him."

Help me Lord to be patient and obedient and wait for Your cue!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 23

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]

Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 23
Scripture: Luke 15:29-30

Not so sure how to share this devotional today (?). Pauline Creeden gives an example of 2 Riders in a show arena and how they may be thinking as the 1st Rider watches the 2nd Rider have a flawless round, showing us two very different perspectives. Then she draws this application for our spiritual lives:

..."Before making a judgment call on how easy someone else’s life has been, we need to remember that we all have it rough. We live in a fallen world. That means NO ONE has a perfect life. No one who is happy with where they are will remain that way for very long. This Earth is not our home."P.Creeden

Pauline then goes back to the Prodigal story and the older brother, not really having any idea what his younger brother had gone through ... stating:

..."He envied his brother’s freedom and reward, without ever knowing what it was like to starve in a pig pen." P. Creeden

Refrain yourself the next time that you may be judging someone else by the outside look without knowing the inside story. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 22

You Expect EnJoyment


[Hope Always Works]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

Day 22
Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:10

"If you find yourself longing to roam the open fields and trails, first establish yourself within the small arena where God has put you. "

This one is based on when you begin training a young horse that you need to start in a smaller area with a lunge line until the horse shows obedience and trust is established.

"Can God trust you enough to enlarge your borders?"

"If you find yourself longing to roam ...

the open fields and trails, 
first establish yourself within the small arena 
where God has put you."

My arena was greatly expanded far beyond 
yet I know that the time is coming
where I must return to a small arena
to tend to where God originally started with me
and that's definitely an area of

I may go back there
not willingly, and not with great longing
God has the lead
God has full reign of me

I must do as He requires

whether I like it or not

God has a reason, God always has purpose
and God most definitely has a greater plan then these eyes
can see, yet I trust it is for good and completing all that
He began

... unfinished business ...

unfinished training




God has graciously given me time to roam
the open and white fields and

 I am so thankful for the years

I had hoped that in my absence that God was at work, accomplishing what only He can do and change, so I stepped away and kept on praying ... and believing, hearts left in His hands ... in God I trust ... it is 'in man' that I have difficulties
however God moves, God touches, God reaches, God changes, God restores; it is 'by His Spirit', not by might or power, one of love that is deeper than we can imagine. I hold on to this. I may not be on the Road of Damascus like Paul, as Pauline wrote in this devotion, but God has opened my eyes, "trusted me with the small stuff" and now it's onward to the "big stuff", the stuff that really matters ... home and heart, mine and others ... for nearly twenty years here, yet I have waited for 1 for more than 40

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

YEE HAW ~ Day 21

*Note: same journey as the first 20 days, just new title: from H.O.P.E. Journey to YEE HAW ... kinda makes me think that I'm closer to the training being complete. Yet I know that there is much left in my transformation process ... perhaps a lifetime. However, God is calling me to being "trained" or reined now for His Kingdom's reign ... How about you? 

You Expect EnJoyment

[Hope Always Works]

Perhaps I should have started with the other book by Pauline Creeden first; something about being adrift (been there, done that) ... Yep, "40 Days of Recovering Grace" {that really would have been perfect for Lent} but I have "horses" on my mind ... so Grace will come later with her "Found Adrift" (sounds like a good one for Prodigals, too)

I'm pursuing

Godly Characteristics and Lessons

we do need to be trained as Christians
like a horse or through a horse

This makes it a little more enjoyable for me, although it's hard work to be trained or re-trained, even worse, because that means unlearning and relearning through practice, practice, PRACTICE and correction, discipline ...

Day 21
Scripture: Proverbs 11: 27(NIV)


"When a handler goes into a training session with a horse, her attitude can have a huge impact on the outcome of the session. If the handler has a good attitude, then the horse will feed off that attitude and respond with more willingness to give in. If the handler is itching for a fight, then a fight she shall receive."~Pauline Creeden

Whew, isn't that exactly how it is with us as we face each day, each trial, each ...


I love how Pauline concludes her application to us:

"If we believe that God honestly does everything for our good, then we will trust Him when the storm comes. But if we don’t trust Him with our lives, then we will find fear encroaching, and fear always brings resentment. Only by trusting God can we keep ...*whatever* ... from our lives." ~Pauline Creeden

*Pauline had "fear and resentment" where I inserted "whatever" because I believe that it can be "whatever" stumbling block or obstacle ... whatever our struggle, battle, situation, behavior, attitude, etc. may be and needs to be changed ...

Father, Forgive me for whenever I allowed whatever to keep me from completely trusting in You. I give lip service well to saying "I trust You", yet if I hang on to fear, bitterness, anger, resentment, unbelief, impatience, worries, anxiety, rebellion, rejection, unforgiveness, critical or judgmental spirit, and have not, or show not Your love, without conditions or limits or qualifications of my terms, then I am nothing more than a clanging cymbal ... puffed up or broken, living falsely while still claiming to be a Christian. Help me change my attitude every morning as I meet each day with You first that I would surrender myself and really allow Your Spirit to control, discipline and train me in Your way. Not mine but Thine always. Help me to search for what is good in the bad as well as the good, staying clear of a negative spirit and attitude, not looking for trouble but searching for the good and Your favor. May each day, You have a greater impact on me as I come willingly to give in to whatever You may have planned or showing me as You mold me and train me to think and be more like Jesus. May You abide in me and I in You truly so that I clearly can see the silver lining in whatever each day holds ... in Jesus' precious name ...


"God Is Just Not Fair"
Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

By Jennifer Rothschild; Published by Zondervan

is being released today
March 25th, 2014

amazon Kindle has it at a great price

Truthfully, I had HOPED to have my review ready for this release date, but due to "circumstances beyond my control" (laptop problems as noted above), it's taking me longer, however, I am "finding HOPE when life doesn't make sense" ... I'll be publishing my review soon ... I have waited for a long time to read other books written by Jennifer Rothschild, so I could not pass up this opportunity to catch this one in time and read (actually absorb) every aspect and insight gleaned from someone who knows and has walked through enough struggles; "lived" the questions to share with us those "6 big questions of faith" that most of us tackle or will ...  even those of us who are not bold enough to question or say that "God is not fair" aloud, we have thought it, if not about us, about other tragic situations in the world around us. But God is Just and God is Good (all of the time?), or God is Fair (in everything)? do you really believe this?  or are you just fortunate enough, not to be the one suffering as much at the moment? 
"So wrap yourself in your blanket of faith (*"the fabric of our faith" "woven together from the strands of what we believe about God and what we have experienced in our relationship with Him.") — no matter how new or old it is, no matter how torn or strong it is. Feel it surround you and comfort you as you examine the holes that may be in it. Give yourself permission to ask questions to God. He will often reveal the answer. But far more importantly, invite Him to reveal Himself to you in the midst of your questions." from the Introduction of "God Is Just Not Fair" Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense by Jennifer Rothschild

*Jennifer Rothschild explains this in another part, not in this exact quote, I just inserted it to help you better understand "blanket of faith" ... 

Watch for my upcoming review on this great new book! oh, and in case you did not notice, it has my one word in it too! God's still speaking ... 


Monday, March 24, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 20

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 20
Scripture: Luke 7:32

"When the horse believes that he knows what the rider wants, he will try to give it to her before she asks, believing that he is being obedient. When the rider corrects the horse and tries to teach him to be patient, often he will become indignant. "~ Pauline Creeden "... the horse believes that he knows better ..."

Appropriate decision that follows at the end,
after this lesson on the rider and the horse, reteaching to be obedient 
and implementing new training techniques

The horse must learn that he is not the one who controls the ride, nor can he be the one who decides where the rider wants to go or how fast they will get there."~Pauline Creeden
Application to us

"God will not usually behave the way that we expect Him to. He will not do what we want Him to do, when we want Him to do it. We do not decide where we go, or how fast we get there. Instead of becoming offended by His leading, we need to trust it and be patient . We cannot anticipate Him, nor can we put Him in a box and think He should behave a certain way. He will always surprise us."

From now until the end of this 40 day H.O.P.E. Journey, I will be calling the rest:

  "Yee haw" 
[only for us it's not to the right or to the left, but straight on toward Jesus]

which as far as I can see
definitely applies 
to this training


the JOY and excitement
yet to come
4 days
 after the finale
at the
 Resurrection Celebration

[this came to me a little late as the title as I was midway preparing these 40 days]

Although it definitely is a Journey of Hope 
to the Cross and then the Tomb
in anticipation of the

don't ya' just wanna shout
"Yippee ki yay"
"Ya hoo" or "Woo hoo!"
[not yet]
after being in training with all this
"Yee haw"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 19

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 19
Scripture: Matthew 11:29
(The Message)

"The saddle and equipment that a rider puts on the horse must fit appropriately. "~Pauline Creeden

TOO NARROW --- pinch the horses' back muscles
TOO WIDE --- rub on the horses' withers

"If the bridle is adjusted too loosely... horses' tongue will go over the bit ..."
too tightly ... pinch the horses' face and mouth



" Jesus has promised that He will not lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. If you are finding your walk with Him too cumbersome, then you may be trying to do too much on your own. Remember that GRACE is a gift, and there is nothing you can do to earn it. It’s hard when you’ve grown up being independent, ... "~Pauline Creeden

"But remember that the burden of our sin and the worries of this life are too much for us to carry on our own."
~Pauline Creeden~


Saturday, March 22, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 18

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 18
Scripture: Proverbs 15:1 (NIV)


"... The eager to please horse will become a nervous wreck: chewing the bit, tilting the head, and constantly looking for the reward ... "

"...The more willful horse will become angry and frustrated, he will give up on trying to be good and start a fight instead."


"... The person who is more headstrong will become angry and frustrated, give up trying, and quit the whole “ religious thing ..."

"We need to remember that God gives us salvation as a free gift. No good behavior on our part will ever earn it. The praise is there for the taking."
~Pauline Creeden~

 Great lesson of GRACE! 

* anything in "green" print is from Pauline Creeden, in case you missed this along this journey

Friday, March 21, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 17

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 17
Scripture: Proverbs 4:27-28 

"Horses do not naturally go in straight lines. They tend to weave to the left and right as they move, ... This is a survival characteristic among prey animals."~Pauline Creeden

"some horses need a great deal of coaxing ..."

to learn to go straight

"Some even require spurs to become more sensitive ..."

"Humans are much the same way. We wander and become easily distracted, rarely going in a straight line. But if we listen to God’s gentle nudges, we too can learn to go straight.
God, like a rider, may have to use increasingly hard “nudges” to get our attention. But He is a kind trainer who wants us to become sensitive to the smallest cue. I pray that we remain sensitive to His gentleness, so He will not need to bring out His spurs."~Pauline Creeden

I'm still learning to go

Hope I don't need God to use spurs

Thankful for the nudges of 
His Holy Spirit

Thursday, March 20, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 16

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 15
Scripture: Romans 8:5 (NIV)

I just had to share the opening of  Pauline's devotional for today, because "wild horses" like the mustangs have been a concern of mine for many years yet I know little about them or have done much for their plight (how similar this is to other social human issues that I know more about but often do little although I'm moved by them, I helplessly do little-Father, help me to change this. When You move my heart, let it move me into action.). This one today speaks deeply to my heart; from horses to humans:

"Wild horses have the appearance of freedom, but they are enslaved by their fear. They have to be on constant alert for the danger of predators. They can only hope to find shelter when inclement weather strikes. They fear being alone, but the herd could reject them. Their lack of grooming gives them skin infections, and ticks eat them alive in the summer. When winter comes and the grass becomes sparse or in times of drought, they could easily die. They are rarely calm or content. When a horse is being tamed, they certainly don’t look happy. They buck and rear. They run from their handler. They “spook” and shy away from anything that looks dangerous. They fear the change that taming brings, and they fear their handler."~Pauline Creeden

Are you a bit "wild" with an appearance of freedom, enslaved by your fear?

"But the tame horse is the happy one! He does not fear when his next meal will come. ..."

How many people, in this day, have this fear or lack of food or clean water? How many of us live comfortably and provided for with food and water, and our "little" sacrifices seem to ruffle our feathers? (really missing my DP about now, for my meager Lenten Project HOPE, and I know it will be so little, but little becomes much in God's eyes as noted with Jesus and the feeding of 5,000-oh, that this might be the beginning of such an outpouring, one small act of giving, so that one may receive HOPE). 

Trusting that the Heavenly Father will provide and keep safe from "the predator" (known as our #1 enemy, the devil) Relying on my "daily grooming" to keep "ticks and infections at bay" (horse part) and for us humans ... that "grooming" keeps us in God's care, God's promises, God's Word and a right relationship maintained with healthy choices! But even we may need to keep "ticks" and "infections" at bay ... yep!

"Have we learned to trust our God?
Do we demand our freedom from Him and live in fear?"

Unlike the "wild" horses or the many "poor"; I have a roof over my head and protection from inclement weather (without having to beg or search) ... how many times do I forget this or take it for granted when I look at the faces of people living with little to nothing? How can my heart not be moved by this? I need not be "wild" to realize the many blessings and benefits God gives us. Even in my youth and more "wild" part of my life, I was so very blessed by God's protection, provision and personal care via blessings of HOPE and knowing Him and His love! 

How can I bring His HOPE to others with nothing?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 15

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 15
Scripture: Proverbs 16:9 


"A trainer may enter the work arena with a specific plan for what she wants to get done. ... Depending on what is necessary for achieving a good training session, she needs to go in with a plan but be flexible."~Pauline Creeden

makes for a frustrated horse or trainer"
~Pauline Creeden~

can I relate to this!!!

Being, what most of my life, I thought I was, quite flexible ... now in my later years here, I am seeing myself as not as easy going and flexible, which definitely leaves me more and more frustrated in life, with life and with others as well as myself. Yep, just not as happy of a camper as I once thought I was ...
so I'm hoping this is just a phase (and not the new me of old age). Heaven forbid. The questions that Pauline asks in the devotion about our well planned days and what ends up ruining them rang a real loud bell for me ... I love that she wrote for the next time ... "things don't go according to your plan, think about being flexible ... 
... and see what kind of a day God has planned for you ..."

If you keep in mind that God will direct your steps in the direction He wants you to go today, ... you won't get so frustrated when they take a turn. Trust Him to know better than you."~Pauline Creeden

How we know that God DOES KNOW BEST, yet we still try 
to go it our own, our way
whether we prefer the long way or the weathered way
when we should really start from the beginning with

we'd miss so much of our frustration.
our Messes, our Mazes
{yes, the ones in my blog title that I'm so apt at doing or going}
it finally dawns on me
there may be a
if I just
God's Way
after all Jesus told us that
"He is the way, the truth and the life"
(John 14:6)
why do we ever consider venturing out any other
way, truth or life when we have His?

We just need to listen and learn it better
- that's part of the training and discipline -

may any plan that I make
in my heart or in my head
be flexible
may I lean in and learn
the way that You are directing
my steps and follow
only You!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 14

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 14 
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

"A horse that is out of work is out of shape."P. Creeden

Need I say any more?

"... WHe is weak, flabby, and the only power found in him us
is potential. ..."~Pauline Creeden
{green Pauline; blue my changes}

we certainly can draw the similarities to us on this one

"... muscles are flabby ... after working out for about 15 minutes ... out of breath and breaking a sweat "P. C.

Pauline Creeden continues with the "horse" and then to our "spiritual muscles" ... "A good trainer brings the potential out of the horse and turns it into power. With the trainer’s help , the horse gains stamina, muscle, and fitness." (in the wild, the horse becomes easy prey) as we do with satan ... "we have no endurance when resisting temptation. We are weak, and all our power is in our potential. It takes God to bring out our potential. We cannot do it ourselves. ..." 

"... But with God's guidance, we can gain strength, stamina and spiritual fitness."~Pauline Creeden

Let's not allow ourselves to get out of the best 
spiritual condition
Let's stay

"Fit for my King"
shares in her "life coaching" on doing just this

{it's not just when we first come to Christ as PC wrote that we are out of SHAPE}
if we are not in a body of believers being fed, nourished and encouraged,
we grow weak and are susceptible to attack and forgetting our potential
in Jesus Christ, His authority,  His Word, His Power ...

Monday, March 17, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 13

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 13 
Scripture: Romans 12:2 (NKJV)

I love this scripture for today but for the life of me, had no idea how Pauline would turn this around with some horse wisdom or application but she did.

Once again Pauline starts out by explaining this:

"As a horse becomes better trained, he starts to accept the aids and commands of his trainer rather than reacting to external stimuli. ..."~Pauline Creeden

She goes on to point out that at first the commands are simple and as the horse progresses, listening to the easier commands, "the trainer will ask for more precise movements". "because the horse becomes focused ..." the other things; horses, strange noises and sights; etc. no longer gain interest.

This is how it needs to be with us, as Christians:

"If our focus on God becomes fine tuned by the renewing of our mind, we will become more precise in the action of performing His will in our lives. ... We will find that we are not molded by the environment we are in, but rather the training that God has placed within us."~Pauline Creeden

Although these are short, one page or so devotions each day, they are really well written and provide a good focus and comparison between the training of a horse and us. Thanks Pauline!

Father, May the "outside clamor of people to see, places to go, things to do fall into the background" as we fix our eyes on You, draw us closer and let all of THAT fade and interest us less so that we are renewed and transformed by Your Word transcribed on our hearts and in our minds, and our movements become more precise and in tune with You and Yours, desiring to obey Your spoken commands without any further distraction from others or the enemy, for we are Yours ... Thank You! We love You!

And Happy St. Patrick's!

fields of

Sunday, March 16, 2014

H.O.P.E. JOURNEY ~ Day 12

[Horses Open People's Eyes]
Godly Characteristics and Lessons
we need to be trained as
like a horse or through a horse

Day 12 
Scripture: Isaiah 8:13 (NIV)

I find the devotional for today to be very interesting, especially when Pauline Creeden writes that "the most sensitive of a horse's instinct is their "fight or flight" instinct" since she points out that "even though the horse was one of the first domesticated animals" because, although I am not a horse, yet born in one of the 'years of the horse' as 2014 is; and I think that I am fairly domesticated ('though I'm sure some may argue with that) I, too find that instinct to be one of my most sensitive ... and as of late, I'm much more in a "flight" mode than a "fight" one, as if I just don't have that much "fight" left in me; so I do so, only when pushed and that last spark kicks in. 

However, I can remember this fear instinct in Tano, the most. Missy seemed to be the brave one and the defiant one, if need be, or even when she just felt like it (like when she stepped on my toe and I asked her politely to "lift"; instead she grinded that foot downward and broke my toe). Yep, just when she felt like it. And when I didn't! But on with this lesson ---

Pauline points out that this instinct causes some horses to be brave; and others, well, not so brave or brazen, as in Missy's case. However, Pauline goes on to explain that when they trust and respect their trainer, even the 'not so brave' ones can become brave, because they are more afraid of disappointing the trainer or being reprimanded. (Yep, I relate to this one also). Pauline tells us that the horse will ignore the object of their fear in the presence of their trusted trainer and show no fear. 

"This is the kind of ‘fear’ that the Lord demands. If we don’t fear God, than we will be afraid of everything else. If we don’t trust His guidance and fear His disappointment, then we will run away from everything that threatens us."

Fortunately, as Pauline writes for us (not horses), "... we will never be alone with the object of our fear ... " so "we never need to revert to flight" (as I often have) because "we only need to trust God and our fear will subside." 

I really wish I could be truly confident in this. My fear and my flight response are not always connected; nor is my fight response; but I would wager to say that my fight response is stronger in situations of fear (I think) or perhaps it is something else that kicks in, with that "fight response" (almost a protective sense of needing assurance and confidence rather than just giving up or in) ...of course, I could be wrong. {Just thinking aloud.} Yet I see fear as being one of the factors that raises up my flags (and not white ones of surrender) and it is when I can't find that fight instinct that I enter the flight mode of taking off rather than confront or further the conflict or crisis. I realize that for some; flight means to some sort of substance abuse or addictive choice to escape, whereas for me, it's literally leaving in flight ... like a horse that takes off running into an open field (like the field in the song video at the top of my blog before these posts; that's another reason I put that there to continue gazing into the "Fields of Grace" as I reflect, read or write these)

I am always aMazed by God's Grace and that He goes with me "into the field", whether it's with a fight or flight instinct, I know He requires me to surrender and allow Him to fight for me and raise me above the situation in His flight of peace, hope and love that I find in Him. Thanks Pauline!

Lord, I regard You as the Almighty One, the Holy One, the One in whom I fear and trust. You are Holy! My fear is a holy, reverent fear and my trust is complete as I lean on You and cast any fear I might have to You as You guard and protect me, never leaving me alone. I am confident in You. I trust You and I trust in You and find my strength in You! Help me to stand and help me to know when to flee. Thank You for these instincts and Your Holy Spirit leading and guiding me through every path I go in Jesus' name ...  

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