"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

R ...



This is the 2nd day and letter of GRACE ...









..."This day you will be with me in Paradise." 
Luke 23:43

2nd Statement on
and the last 
statement on our
{which I'll share this later this week but it goes well with this}

I believe that when Jesus spoke this to one of the "Robbers" (thieves) as they hung on their crosses, He was leaving this as encouragement for us also and Jesus Christ still intervenes for us, just as He did for one of these 2 thieves as I shared initially here.

I chose these 7 "R" words (OK a few more) which represent the kind of "Remembrance" like the Last Supper that we commemorate this week also on Maundy Thursday and the "Relationship"  that Jesus offers us when we "Repent" and seek "Reconciliation" then "Restoration" as we look forward to this heavenly "Reward" ... so as we reflect on God's GRACE, we realize that all these "R" words are part of His Grace and we "Remember" the price as we ask for Jesus to remember us. What's special about "R" for me this week, is my precious RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, which is the basis of my SALVATION and continual FORGIVENESS of God and that final REUNION for all eternity. Glory and Hallelujah anyhow! and Hosanna!!!

In Day 2 of "Seven Mile Miracle", Pastor Steven Furtick (in the You Version reading plan) shares Luke 23:43 as the Key Scripture (because it is another one of the Last Statements Jesus Christ made) along with Genesis 40:9-23 and Lamentations 3:19-23. Our SALVATION! Under "Thought for Today" he writes:

"It was impossible for Jesus to save Himself if He was going to save us."  Pastor Steven Furtick

One of the two thieves asked Jesus,

"REMEMBER me when You come into Your Kingdom"
Luke 23:42

This part was so powerful for me in what Pastor Furtick asks us

"Each day, we get to choose how we remember our salvation.
Will we recount the sin in our life?
Or remember the grace He makes available every day?
Will we regret the choices that put us where we are?
Or remember that Jesus saved us and will work through us as we humbly depend on Him?
No matter what you choose to remember, Jesus has already chosen to remember you, and has guaranteed a place in eternity with Him."  Pastor Steven Furtick

"While Jesus chooses not to remember our sin, they're often easy for us to recall ... "

The ending above in bold is part of 
section for today's message

"Write down several ways that Jesus has changed you since you received His salvation."

For each sin write:
"God delivered me from __________so that I could receive __________."

"Celebrate this as a new way to


the transformative power of your salvation."



..."Jesus, I praise You for the grace You showed to the man hanging next to You on the cross. Your mercies are greater than anything I can comprehend. Thank You for remembering me specifically, although I deserved the punishment You received. Open my eyes, Lord, to receive the mercy You make available to me so that I may remember You in everything I do. In Jesus' name, Amen."

"The Artist Bible"
for Day 3 reading of
Matthew 26:38
"Seven Mile Miracle"
a very long, full YT video
Pastor Steven Furtick
{had to remove YT link because it's unlisted}
"7 represents completion!"

complete in
Jesus Christ
for all eternity

Monday, March 30, 2015

G ...


I have chosen to share the "Last 7 statements of Jesus Christ" through My One Word - GRACE - for this week, which means consolidating 7 very significant and important last statements of Jesus Christ into these 5 letters. G.R.A.C.E.

[image credit: not mine ? unknown but looks like Radical Arts]

Previous years, I have done this here and I have encountered online others who have shared these; two which I'm linking to are from pastors: Steve Furtick (Elevation Church) and Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts. I came across Pastor Furtick's in a YouVersion reading plan for 7 days and Pastor Roberts has written all 7 as a devotional guide for Reflections for Holy Week with Patheos. Originally I learned of these 7 as Statements through Amy Wyatt and her church's pastor, Larry Wynn, as well as a study and book available through "Jesus Walks" by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson that I had done as "words". Clearly they are more than mere "words" but aMazing messages of inspiration still being uttered as Jesus fulfilled His mission and breathed His last breath with these remarks that impress upon my heart not only His great sacrifice but His obedience to stick with the plan and save us.

So, of course, the actual credit belongs to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word (the Bible) where these statements are recorded ... each of these sources had to begin and end with Jesus Christ, so I am not infringing on anyone's copyright but HIS as I do my own version of these 7 through GRACE

Since this post is the Introduction plus the first letter, it is longer than what I intend for these GRACE reflections but I had to explain what I have set out to do, so instead of writing much more, I have taken the liberty to use Pastor Steve Furtick's first video for the 1st statement of Jesus Christ

[video includes devotion, scripture, song, and prayer with Pastor Steve:Elevation Church 
filmed in the Holy Land. Provided by WaterBrook Multnomah]


through His

Key Scripture: 1st Statement

"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." 
(Luke 23:34)

Matthew 21:6-11
Matthew 18:21-22

Day 1

"Jesus' forgiveness extends beyond your greatest sins.
 Jesus chose His words carefully." Steve Furtick, 
You Version "Seven Mile Miracle Easter" to read more 

I really like Pastor Steve's title* that he chose
*"7 Mile Miracle" *
because it seems to really fit with my Blog Title: 
"aMazing Grace: Mazes, Messes, Miracles"
as also this does with 
My One Word
the reason I chose
has to be very evident
because without 
Jesus Christ
and this Holy Week set aside to remember
His Sacrifice 
paying our debt for our sin
there would be no tomb
no payment
no Resurrection

Jesus, give me the perspective today to see the full extent of Your forgiveness. Forgive me for the times that I have unknowingly, and knowingly, sinned against You. I pray the same forgiveness I receive from You may overflow into the forgiveness I extend to others. In Jesus' name, Amen. "

The above prayer is from Pastor Steve Furtick's You Version devotion and the one below is from Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts

"Gracious Lord Jesus, it’s easy for me to speak of Your forgiveness, even to ask for it and to thank You for it. But do I really believe I’m forgiven? Do I experience the freedom that comes from the assurance that You have cleansed me from my sins? Or do I live as if I’m “semi-forgiven”? Even though I’ve put my faith in You and confessed my sins, do I live as sin still has power over me? Do I try to prove myself to You, as if I might be able to earn more forgiveness?

Dear Lord, though I believe at one level that You have forgiven me, this amazing truth needs to penetrate my heart in new ways. Help me to know with fresh conviction that I am fully and finally forgiven, not because of anything I have done, but because of what You have done for me.

May I live today as a forgiven person, opening my heart to You, choosing not to sin because the power of sin has been broken by Your salvation.

All praise be to You, Lord Jesus, for Your matchless forgiveness! Amen. " from Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Patheos

"G" gee ... God's Grace, God's Goodness, God's Forgiveness
God Giving us much more than we deserve or merit or could possible earn
"G" just begins to cover God's Greatness of God's

through His One and Only Son


[Since I posted Day 1 from "The Artist Bible" (You Version plan also) last night on Palm Sunday, I would like to conclude with their video for Day 2 which is for Matthew 21, but for the verses after the ones above for 6-11; it's a song for verses 12-15 ... I'm doing this even though it may not seem like it fits, so that I continue with one of theirs each day or at least their link.] I may have to remove the links to You Version throughout this post because they link to my reading plans (I think). 

I would have liked to include my images that I made for these "7 statements" but now that I am more familiar with "blogging", I would like to redo them or tweak them with improvements but alas, I no longer have the "programs" to design these and I prefer an improved version like:

[image credit]
or better yet
you can watch or view 
through the French artist
James J. Tissot
(provided from Dr. Ralph Wilson)
Joyful Heart
like this
Tissot, The Foal of Bethphage

*Pastor Steve Furtick actually did this in 2012 and there is a participant guide that accompanies the DVD series, I saw that it was available also at Amazon. Here's a pdf sample of this 1st one with 5 great discussion questions. The YouVersion also has a great addition at the end to APPLY (i.e.) 

"The full extent of Jesus' forgiveness extends beyond your greatest sins, and allows you to extend it beyond the greatest sins others have committed against you. What is one offense you have yet to forgive someone for? Take the opportunity today to reach out to that person to offer forgiveness."

Feel free to answer or not answer any of the 5 discussion questions on the pdf or those above. I guess I consider "forgiveness" to be a personal matter between you, the one offended or offending and God.
But know HIS FORGIVENESS through HIS GRACE this week as GRACE unfolds in His LOVE!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Skit Guys

"Davey the donkey, was never chosen to do anything, until the day he found himself carrying the King. After that, he felt proud of himself - until he saw what the King had to carry." 
... "The Donkey who Carried a King" ...
by R.C. Sproul


{it's the rest of this "Holy Week" that gives me mixed feelings}

I love the PALM branches!

I love His palms and my palms raised to Him!

I love our palms gripped together

But for today, I am going to take the liberty to stretch this day a bit and without any sacrilegious intent or disrespect, I'm going to call your attention to the video that I have had at the top of my blog posts throughout my 40 day journey of a very special donkey, Flash! Although, clearly he is not the one that Jesus mounted and rode centuries ago, he has come to represent a special place in my heart and some pretty amazing tales along with Henderson "Henry" and Rachel Anne Ridge who will be releasing his (their) book, available soon in May (perhaps on another important date for "donkeys", May 8th), which is the part that captured my heart as I read tale after tail of some of his adventures and spiritual food for thought over at Rachel Anne's blog and Flash's Page (I love his photo gallery only a carrot away from totally delighting in him)! So I could not pass up the opportunity to be part of the "Flash" mob! He's so adorable!

Flash the Donkey book

There is even a greater mission that caught my attention because of "Flash" and Rachel Anne's heart: The Donkey Sanctuary and closer to home "Donkey Rescue" (Peaceful Valley in San Angelo, Texas). Passion for the sweetest animals that even Jesus Christ chose to include as part of His Story. 

Have you ever wondered why Jesus (or God) would choose this animal that has a bad rap as being stubborn for this biblical story and one other famous one that talked?

Being of that stubborn, obstinate nature, myself, with a sweet side like Flash, has shown me time and time again how God can use anything to inspire and teach us about ourselves and make a spiritual connection with lessons of faith, hope, love and so many second chances. I'm pretty sure that's how I can relate so well to Flash and look forward to sharing more. Even though I am sweet and stubborn like Flash, it's so much more when Jesus chooses us and celebrates our coming home or back into His graces!

So here I am on Palm Sunday, reminding you to consider checking out this upcoming book and get a copy ... plus if you have a soft side of compassion and passion for animals, follow the links to the donkey sites. Yet more than this; today I want you to realize how God wants to help you through any challenge or circumstance or character (defect) and turn it around for His glory, revealing Himself as a God of the second chances and how aMazing His love and Grace really are as we walk with Him throughout His journey commemorating how Jesus came and changed our future to enter a meaningful relationship with each of us ...  
Jesus Triumphant Entry

Tarahumarans in Chihuahua, MX celebrating Palm Sunday

Oaxacans in San Antonio de Flores on Pam Sunday

Jerusalem, Mount of Olives

Matthew 21:1-11 The Voice (VOICE) {story given in the following video}

"After a great parade, Jesus and His disciples walk into the temple area, and what He sees enrages Him. He sees money changers, buying and selling. He sees men sitting on benches, hawking doves to those who have come from the countryside to make a sacrifice. He sees that the salesmen and teachers have turned a sanctuary of worship into a place of spiritual prostitution. This is the place where Jesus came as a boy to sit with the great teachers. It is the place where His Father receives the offerings of His people. It is more than Jesus can take.

Can anyone be surprised at this other side to Jesus? He has turned out to be not just a kindly teacher; instead, He is the Anointed One, not to be taken lightly. In the midst of this scene filled with joy and chaos, there are extremes. Some are beginning to understand who this man from Galilee is—the Anointed—but the rulers are having great difficulty with the disruption to their orderly world.

21 Jesus, the disciples, and the great crowds were heading toward Jerusalem when they came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives. Jesus stopped and beckoned to two of the disciples.
Jesus: Go to the village over there. There you’ll find a donkey tied to a post and a foal beside it. Untie them and bring them to Me. If anyone tries to stop you, then tell him, “The Master needs these,” and he will send the donkey and foal immediately.

He sent the disciples on ahead so His entry into Jerusalem could fulfill what the prophet Zechariah had long since foretold:
Tell this to Zion’s daughter,
    “Look—your King is approaching,
    seated humbly on a donkey,
    a young foal, a beast of burden.
So the disciples went off and followed Jesus’ instructions. They brought the donkey and foal to Jesus, they spread their cloaks on the animals, and Jesus sat down on them. The great crowd followed suit, laying their cloaks on the road. Others cut leafy branches from the trees and scattered those before JesusAnd the crowds went before Jesus, walked alongside Him, and processed behind—all singing.
Crowd: Hosanna, praises to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Eternal One! Hosanna in the highest!

The way Jesus enters the city on a lowly donkey, with crowds surrounding Him singing praises, surprises many within Jerusalem.

10 And that is how Jesus came into Jerusalem. The people noticed this strange parade. They wondered who this could be, this humble bearded man on a donkey who incited such songs.

Crowd: 11 This is Jesus, the prophet, from Nazareth in Galilee. "

I'm reflecting how Jesus came into this world, after Joseph led Mary on a donkey for miles to His birth and then His last week to His death, He began once again by being led on a donkey, as a sign of peace for the people that saluted Him with their "Hosanna's" ... that later became "Crucify Him" ... 

from The Artist Bible and  Day 1 of a You Version reading plan

*This Holy Week, I have put together a "hodge-podge" variety post for each day, commemorating Jesus' Journey through "My One Word" and His 7 Last Statements that I have shared here before and others have written about and shared through books, studies, videos, etc. Please come along with me each day and reflect upon Our King of kings and Lord of lords from this glorious procession on a "burro" (donkey) to His last: His Via Dolorosa to the Cross, from His Tomb to His Triumphant Resurrection SONday! 

"Watching Holy Week Unfold"

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 40

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 40

Bible Reading
2 Corinthians 12:9

And after 40 days "Recovering Grace", we arrive at my verse for 2015 for "GRACE" ...  where I started my journey this year with this as My One Word:
2 Corinthians 12:9

Then Pauline brings us back to shore after sharing her journey with

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

and admitting that she did not take us on this journey saying that she knew all "the secret knowledge"
necessary to
"Recover Grace"
through human philosophy and wisdom

She, like I, and even you are weak in ourselves; and our journey back to shore 
is far from complete and how we don't deserve salvation nor to be granted
so much
God gave us Jesus

How much we have been given through Jesus Christ
How thankful we should be!!!

Prayer Thought

"Today is the last day of our study together, but the marathon is not finished. Will you continue this journey, or will you drift back out again? Pray and consider how you will press on from here."Pauline Creeden

If we took this journey seriously
we are closer to the shore
HE has so much more
remind us
His Love and Grace
so much more
we can imagine

Enough to keep us



[rowboat drifting image credit]





can move us



fix our gaze




on the


or as

God's Son




Experience Eternally


God's Riches At Christ's Expense

unearned, undeserved, unmerited

Favor Of God
as we continue to
Focus On God
(each Friday)

especially this

Good Friday

{knowing that Resurrection Sonday's coming}

Do we realize Christ's Expense and how Rich we truly are?

Today is 



the beginning of


{I'm thinking I will have to have another post at 6 pm}

and I have planned one for each day this holy week bringing us

one step and phrase

closer to 



our gain

our triumph

God's Abundant Riches

given freely

all we need to do is 









Saturday, March 28, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 39

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 39

Bible Reading
Philippians 3:13-14
Matthew 6:33

Prayer Thought

"Is it surprising to you that Paul felt he wasn’t Christian enough? Part of being humble is realizing your own shortcomings and asking God for help when you need it. Keep your focus on Him as you pray and walk today."Pauline Creeden

"In our walk with God
we never stop
If we think we have "arrived" spiritually
and stop walking with God
in prayer and study of His Word,
we will deteriorate, drift
and slip back into
like the rest of the world."...
Pauline Creeden
"... For now my faith needs to be focused
on learning and being teachable
realizing that there is no "arrival" point
on this earth."

Now, that's what my problem is, just like Paul
feeling that I'm not 'Christian enough'
Can we ever be enough, this side of heaven?
back to the walk in the 'bed of roses'
with the thorns and the beauty

her memorial service is being streamed this afternoon
March 28, 2015
1:15 (MST)

May the Holy Comforter's Presence
be with each one in this time

{I finished her book, "The Hardest Peace:Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life's Hard"}

That's exactly what I expect:
for the
family and friends
in the
Midst of Life's Hard
that's exactly what I have found
as I hope for you and them
this day forward

In His Grace,

{In lieu of all this, I can't help thinking of another special blogger friend and my deep concern for her, not knowing how she is doing and her health situation for so long a battle with this and so much more, please keep praying for our dear friend and believing for God's best}

Friday, March 27, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 38

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 38

Bible Reading
Luke 13:18-19

Prayer Thought

"Are you like the Mimosa, and flourish in spite of adversity? Wouldn’t you like to grow quickly and show the world the beauty that God is making of you, and share Him with others so that the seeds that God gives you will spread and reproduce?"Pauline Creeden

[Mimosa tree: image credit]

Today's devotion shares lessons learned through the Mimosa tree.
..."Adversity and injury
can be a killer to spiritual growth.
When they come we have two options:
we can lean on God and grow out of it
we can reject Him and stop growing
"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Right?"
Pauline Creeden

Thursday, March 26, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 37

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 37

Bible Reading
Psalm 30:12
2 Corinthians 9:13
Hebrews 13:15

Prayer Thought

"If when you say His name in praise, how can you then be judgmental? If you say His name in praise, how can you not bring healing? Do not hide behind your silence or your judgment. Bring about the JOY of the Lord by being a Praise Warrior for Him!"Pauline Creeden

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

40 Days "Recovering GRACE"~ DAY 36

40 Day Journey 
"Recovering Grace"
with another book by
Pauline Creeden

"Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace"

Day 36

Bible Reading
Philippians 2:4
Hebrews 13:16

Prayer Thought

"Sometimes we look so hard inside our circle for God to help us or tell us something profound, that we forget what is needed outside our circle, outside our house, or outside our church. Have you been neglecting something or someone who might need your prayer?"Pauline Creeden

Since Day 32, Pauline has been sharing her "prayer walks" with us in part "after reading this word "(Genesis 5:24) I got a nudge that I needed to walk to get to know my God better" and being that today is Wednesday, when I Walk On Weds. in God's Word more intimately and more instinct-ly (in sync) with His Holy Spirit, I too have this propensity to "walk" today instead of just "being still" (as I shared in the comments for SONday, Day 33 that I would probably be a bit withdrawn and self reflective at this time) ... time with Him, my walking time usually is talking time but truthfully right now I just need to be still (even without tunes except the nature ones from His Creations: chirping, cooing, singing sweet melodies of praise) and reflect, draw near and sense His awesome Presence, that "my ears would be open to His prompting" despite the distractions I find when I walk and often lately the disturbances (of human nature, not His critters) around me that rob me from His Peace in my walk and cause me turmoil because of my human nature to become upset too easily now. I'd like my walks to return to be like Pauline writes "tactile experiences" (day 35) where I intently "listen, I look around and I am drawn to touch almost everything"  but today (day 36) she starts with:

"My prayer walk has been along the same path"...

which caught my attention in a different way today and so I paused with this thought rather than continue on with what she shares about today as she found herself "searching through nature for some sort of word from God that would show me that He walked with me" ... how often I do this too!

As I walk and pray or just think and try to focus on God and me (our relationship) I am often distracted by the many that need intercession (the place where Pauline ends up today), the sweet people that are near and dear to my heart, what is happening in their lives, all that many are coping with so much all at once: each one passes through my thoughts and moves my heart to the Spirit's utterance for them and their needs, I can't help myself and at times I become overwhelmed with my thoughts and not knowing how they are really and is God hearing my intercessions for them or might they be better off without mine ... because I do not see God moving or changing their 'circumstance' or storm but I do know that He is giving them strength and going through it all with them ... somehow, sometimes, truthfully, it doesn't seem enough ... yes, I realize that I am expecting God to remove or change so that I know that He hears me and then I'll believe ... no, that's not true, I DO believe, I just don't see ... ANYTHING ...

... and I return to this same path that I seem to have been walking for decades in some cases and far too long in many ... where "my prayer walk has been along the same path"... with NO changes, or very few, and far between ... I don't always pray the same old stuff in the same old way, nor do I rely on "rote" prayers, I speak with God and then I wait to listen but in all actuality, my wait is my time when I get distracted because I don't hear Him and I clearly do not see any answers to what I have been praying about ... yet I believe what He tells us and promises to "ask anything in His name" but I have wandered down this road of "asking and asking and asking", wondering only if I am asking wrong so then I change my waiting into receiving and seeing what I asked as done (even if in the real world, I don't see it) I have to BELIEVE "it is finished" ... that God is at work and His Promises in His Word are true so I pause and repent, with a heavy sigh, "Lord, help my unbelief ... though I believe, and I don't see, may I continue to walk with a "redeemed" perspective that You've got this all under Your control and plan, You won and I will see Your answers in Glory ..." not "what ifs" or "whys" or "when". May I walk more confidently trusting You at Your Word ... and please let me know if You're tired of me asking the same old things because on this walk of life's journey, each day, I encounter so much that needs You and Your mercy, grace and love that I have an endless amount of "prayers" to keep asking, knocking and believing You hear and hold the answer. 

As I continue to walk on this "same path" may I see through the eyes of God, the many in need of a Savior and His touch, just one answer as I BE STILL and on this path toward Jesus' Via Dolorosa may I be reminded that life is not nor has it ever been a "bed of roses" ... or perhaps that's exactly what it is, with its beauty and its thorns ... so I will seek and finish "The Hardest Peace" ... as I will show my deep respect to Kara Tippetts' ("Home coming") and her loved ones, by completely finishing my reading of her book with the lessons she taught us and lived ..."expecting Grace in the midst of Life's Hard" as I believe and be still ... in the "Gardens of His Grace" this wonderful Weds. Walk with Him, His Word and His Amazing GRACE! (whether it's the same or not, may I be changed in His Stillness)                           
{I am almost finished with Pauline Creeden's 
so I will finish and then spend my days with
Kara Tippetts
"The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life's Hard"

"We will not find God by detaching ourselves from the ugly, painful realities of the world around us or within us.  When we refuse to own all that is happening in our lives, when we never 'tell our stories' to one another, our pursuit of God is reduced to an organized set of activities energized only by the proud passion of discipline."
Finding God, Pages 161-162 , Dr. Larry Crabb
Questions for Reflection:
  • In what ways have you been avoiding rather than engaging the pain in your own heart or in the lives of others lately?
  • What do you fear might happen if you stopped trying to manage your brokenness or that of another?
  • Take some time today to sit quietly before the Lord and tell Him your heart's true story, where you are at this moment.
  • Invite Him to meet you where you are now, not where you wish you were, and ask Him to give you a clearer vision of Who He is.
Such a timely email; one of those GOD ordained God-incidences ... I received in my weekly words from Dr. Larry Crabb (who also has been struggling with his own medical crisis and prayer needs but doing ever so well still). So very much to contemplate and BE ... thankful! Glory!

In His Grace,

* be sure to check out my comment and the links in SONday's Day 33 (March 22, 2015) to learn more about Kara

"Letter to my Readers upon my death"

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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

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