"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 not a 
for today but an
announcement for my new

 an early 
Intro and the Plan
for a

Look for this image for blog posts for JCBC
"Jesus Calling Book Club"
this summer here

When will we meet? 

I will do Book Club blog posts on 
Mon., Tues., WOW, Thurs., Fri.
with what devotion we are discussing
so Not Weds. or Weekends
4 days a week
June, July, August
my blog posts are scheduled for 12:00 AM (MDT)
{I think I may have to change to 12 noon}
come as often as you can - no pressure

By doing this only 4 days a week, we last through August ... I was thinking about doing all 5 days and saving my WOW for "Weekend Whispers" (but someone special already had this on their wonderful website for their weekend link-ups) so I did not want to step on anyone's toes nor borrow be a copycat. However, I really do like the sound of "weekend whispers" ... 

Where will we meet?

Right here in the comments and replies
whenever it works for you
whether you make this during
your daily devotional time
later in the day
once a week, hit all 4 at once or as many as you can

What will each of us need?

The free discussion guide download available here
***"Jesus Calling" Women's Discussion Guide***
{or write me if you don't want to sign up}
copy of "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young would be wonderful and help
(although only 52 of the 365 devotions will be used)
a notebook or journal or somewhere to write your thoughts
{besides in the comments; you may have further or more personal ones}

How will this work?

We will follow the Discussion Guide. Read the chosen devotional - and the Scripture(s) and then choose one or any of the discussion questions to share in the comments, as if we were actually meeting together and discussing them.

That's why it's important that we also reply to others who comment. I hope you will. I probably will not be able to include the discussion questions daily here so that is why it's important that you have the Women's Discussion Guide for "Jesus Calling" *** I'm sure it is copyrighted and I'm not sure how much is allowed, if any. This is just a place where we can come together and discuss via the comments and reply. Anyone can reply to anyone. You can come back later and read others. You can read and come back later to share your own thoughts too - to one or all (as much as you want) or just comment on the Scripture or your own thoughts on the topic.

Any questions?
(ask in comments and I'll reply)

I'm looking forward to this!
I hope you do too.
It's a bit of a 
for me to surrender
3 months of blogging to any book

I had three of the discussion guides and chose this one for now because I felt it would meet more of the general needs of more of us. {even though it's the "women's guide" and the topic or discussion questions may be more towards women ... anyone is welcome to discuss. However, they are other discussion guides available for groups that might work better for you.} I really do hope you will participate since I'm prioritizing "listening" through "Jesus Calling" to you and to God. 

I do hope you will join me
as often as you can

In many ways
"Jesus Calling"
is like the
"Whispers of God"
spoken to us
by using His Word
in sweet portions
and doing
will make this a full
{not just with WOW, like yesterday was, but every day}

a long summer
some special
"Jesus Calling"
how each one
speaks personally
to each of us


The Women's Discussion Guide does not do each day or in any order - they are 52 chosen devotions from the 365 devotions on topics for women, but each # discussion/devotional gives the month and day so you can find which devotion we are discussing, plus a title (which is not given in the devotional) so that's why we use the date to find them. 
Here are the first 11 discussions for the next 2 weeks:

#1. January 3 "Peace in the Whirlwind" on June 1st, 2016
#2. January 9 "Our Plans, God’s Timing" on June 2nd
#3. January 31 "Your Source of Security" on June 3rd
#4. July 13 "Perfectly Loved" on June 6th
#5. February 2 "Clutter Versus Calm" on June 7th
#6. July 10 "Who You’re Meant to Be" on June 9th
#7. May 12 "Banishing Burnout" on June 10th
#8. February 7 "Rest Well, Do Well" on June 13th
#9. February 12 "Where Joy Resides" on June 14th
#10. March 1 "Learning to Trust" on June 16th
#11. February 28 "Comparison is the Thief of Joy" on June 17th

We will start with #1 on June 1st; #2 on June 2nd; #3 on June 3rd; 
#4 on June 6th; #5 on June 7th, #6 on June 9th
and so on

Remember NOT on Weds. or Weekends
Starting June 1st, 2016
{originally this was posted one week prior as a notice so you can dust off your copy or find one}
I'm gonna still try to do this even though I am behind
{I just might have to change the posting time to noon instead of midnight}
Please get the download and join me
follow that link above
{I hope I linked it}
{No, Alzheimer's was not my condition or medical problem yet}
but I did do 30 days of this over on my Mission Blog in April 2016
 if you ever need some great links to this subject A-Z

before you are
Memorial Weekend

May you enjoy a blessed and safe one
as we remember those who serve
those that are gone before us
Remember the Sacrifice

"JESUS ALWAYS" by Sarah Young
free sampler pdf
{this is her new one coming out in Oct.}
I should have only given this out if you promise to join me in this
"Jesus Calling"
Book Club
at least once a week

* this blog post was originally scheduled to publish on Weds.
that is why there are many seemingly errors or reference as if it's Weds.
I'm going to continue moving this blog post up until May 31st
the day before we begin

"LifeGrowth Guide - You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth

Gerth_AlreadyAmazingLifeGrowthGuide_3D 250+Gerth_AlreadyAmazing_3D 250



combination of 

"embracing who we are, becoming all God created us to be"

written aMazingly from the heart of

Holley Gerth

which truly is such a personal encouragement from this

best selling writer, certified life coach, speaker

and co-founder of (in)courage


I had the added advantage of not only reading simultaneously both books {due to the precious heart of Lori Schumaker who had a giveaway, but also decided to give actual hands-on copies to me, not even the winner} but actually working through the LifeGrowth Guide along with Holley Gerth and other readers through Holley's aMazing Online Book Club and exceptional resources made available on her website. Although the LifeGrowth Guide actually can stand and be read on its own with excerpts from the original "You're Already Amazing" included in it, if you are like me and missed out on reading the first one, it's so much better to read them both together as instructed at the beginning of each "session" of the "LifeGrowth Guide". 

There are only 6 sessions in the "LifeGrowth Guide" and the book "You're Already Amazing" actually has 11 chapters plus a "Go Deeper Guide" which makes both of these great for small groups at church or individual or with an actual counselor, although Holley's gifted in "counseling" and the exercises in both show her very qualified expertise plus the heart of a sister in Christ speaking frankly and openly with you throughout her books. She's as real as they come and a genuine kindred spirit that really cares! which shows in her writing in her books and on her blog (and in case you did not know on some very special cards that she's created at Dayspring). These 6 sessions – each with a section in the workbook also have a video session that’s about 10 minutes long are: 1)Who God Created Us to Be, 2) What’s True No Matter How We Feel, 3) Our Amazing Journey with Jesus, 4) God’s Plan for Our Relationships, 5) God’s Purpose for Our Lives, 6) How We Can Thrive for a Lifetime. The LifeGrowth Guide has sections in the workbook to answer specific questions, journal your thoughts and prayers, and do other creative exercises to help you GROW. Each section ends with a part called "Your Life Coach" and that is who Holley has become to so many of us struggling with our self esteem or believing we are aMazing. Her charts, tips, notes and wisdom from her own life and God's Word add so much to this edition.
Holley has gone a step beyond with this new "LifeGrowth Guide" of "You're Already Amazing". 

If you were privileged to have read "You're Already Amazing" best-selling book (published in 2012) and participate in the (in)courage online book club of this original one, then you have a definite sense of how Holley dares and empowers you, the reader, to discover our God ordained potential within ourselves then this "LifeGrowth Guide" will move you onward as a wonderful interactive means to engage fully in this process. Either way, reading the "LifeGrowth Guide" with or without having read the original, you'll find new information and more applicable exercises and questions to help you know who God created you to be and become. I believe this book would be ideal for a new believer or a weathered believer, who has yet to grow in ALL the ways of knowing who we are in Christ Jesus and to further develop our abilities, and reaffirm us by reminding us all who we are and encouraging us to become more for ourselves and then for others better. 

Reading the "LifeGrowth Guide ~ You're already aMazing" challenged me and stretched me in new ways! Holley writes as if she really is sitting down with us and talking to us individually with her own and other's life examples in a clear, understandable fashion. I cannot say enough good about all Holley has put together to further us in believing that we already are amazing and have all it takes within us to grasp how God sees us and made us. 

I requested this book originally from NetGalley from Revell Publishing because I was afraid that I would not be able to afford getting both and I wanted to participate in Holley's Book Club {but as you have read, Lori Schumaker made it possible for me to receive both books in their soft bound edition, which I simply love to page through and hold in my hands with adequate space to journal and make notes or answer.} I will go back to this book as an excellent resource over and over again as well as continue reading at both Holley's and Lori's blogs. 

Disclosure: I received this book free from NetGalley and Revell Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

*You can go back on this blog on "aMazing Mondays"  from March - May or search for "Already Amazing" to see links to Holley's and some of what I shared during the Book Club in 2016. "aMazing Mondays" started here because of Holley's books! She and her books are really "aMazing"! I am so sorry that the review of this book and another just as wonderful book is so late (the other will somehow have to be inserted somehow during my summer book club either on Weds. or the weekend so it is not even later). My apologies to these authors and their publishers that gave me review copies but this was out of my control.

Monday, May 30, 2016

aMazing Monday ~ HEARING HERE 2

 It's another

aMazing Monday

and although every day holds

aMazing Moments

I'm hoping to seek more aMazing ones

I do not want to belabor, in any way, what I shared about my new health news of hearing loss, yet as I try to anticipate my future, I continue to search for information and that's where I discover such aMazing information! 

Since I have blocked out the next 3 months for my new aMazing Book Club (see BIG ANNOUNCEMENT) I won't have any more "aMazing Mondays" for awhile and so I'd like to share this matter of low and high frequencies a little more so you (and I) might better understand what this means in relation to sounds, particularly sounds in our verbal speech ... you know the ones that form the words and we hear when we sound them out or pronounce them clearly. Yes, both in songs, speeches and sermons, I prefer the people who clearly enunciate their words - more now than ever. I hope that I myself will be able to continue speaking clearly and that my words do not become slurred, blurred or missing as I find myself having to ask that some things be repeated --- Let me explain by showing you a graph know as the "speech banana" {which I find totally aMazing and interesting. In fact, I am fascinated by language(s) and this just makes my interest increase} Now remember my hearing loss is greater in the high frequency, so look to the stuff to the right on the chart/graph ...

I'd love to show you my hearing graph but for now I have to just explain ... my left ear hears better than my right - lower frequencies (above the normal line) better than higher ones (below the normal line) and some of the lower frequencies in my right ear are below normal. Did I mention that this was part of my dizziness, off balance and vertigo problem from earlier this year? Did I also mention that I noticed this significantly at high altitudes on the airplane when the pilot came on to announce something? which I will never know ... hopefully it was a site we were flying over or the weather.

So take a look at what letters I have a difficulty picking up on in a word, whether it's in an initial, final or middle position in the word {than add Spanish words to this instead of English} ... ch, sh, p, h, g, k, f, th, s. I think I am still within the mild to moderate range and not dropping off the chart yet.

I really have to focus on listening, unless it's something my ears and I already know. I am also noticing that it's more difficult to hear on phones, especially cells even on my good ear, and forget more than one person speaking at a time. If I am focused on tv or computer and not paying attention to that someone speaking, I have trouble understanding without tuning out other sounds. It's become very apparent to me and you'll see me brushing up on my sign language that I know, the letters for finger spelling and a small book that (if you can believe) I had with me here in Mexico on ASL (only God) since as I wrote last week, it's not the same in Spanish unless they happen to have learned American Sign Language. It's SSL.

I am so thankful that God has Omnipotent capacity to hear all of us at once, as we pray to Him, because He is always intently listening for His children to call out to Him! He HEARS us and I am leaning in more and more to HEAR Him.

Perhaps this does not fit the category of "aMazing Grace" or other aMazing stuff but for me, HEARing has become ultimately aMazing and so are all our other senses. God is so marvelous in all of His Creation but we, as His works in progress are more and more aMazing yet too many of us don't stop to realize it or thank Him and many abuse and misuse our wonderful creation, the body, mind and our natural environment. And so much worse, the evil that runs rampart, taking advantage of so many and increasing more evil for the good that God initially gives and gave us.

" I knew that You always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here ... " John 11:42

"HEAR ME" by Kelly Clarkson

Of course
"You're Already aMazing"

what's one part of you or your life
that you find
aMazing today?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

S.O.S. ~ Reflecting as I Soak

Perfect photo of a Scene for "Reflecting ..." of the
Scripture found in Isaiah 54:10

[image credit: BibleinPhotos.com]
from my new YouVersion Bible reading plan:" 7 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know" - the word for this one: "Hesed = love"

When I posted a song earlier this week
from Audrey Assad
I ran across this
that it is perfect

"Even unto Death"
{it's the scenery that caught me as well as the sweet words and voice}
"...with every breath I will love You..."
{the lyrics are given in the video, but if you'd like to read them altogether, 
click on this link of this line above}
frequently every breath whispers "Lord, I love You so much!"
followed by this plea

"Abide with Me"

I have other songs besides, but just stop for a moment 
and listen to these as you

Soak On SONday

as we
remember those we love
and our God who loved us first

Saturday, May 28, 2016

S.O.S. ~ "Fix It" or "I Can Just Be Me"

I'm writing this a week ahead of the beginning of my "Jesus Calling"  (announcement in Thurday's blog post) so I officially am not backing out yet, but had only begun writing my first few when I read that Faith Gateway has another wonderful Online Bible Study lined up for this summer, which makes me think ... should I continue or not? I have all 52 drafted, but this book and this upcoming study with this person makes me think I should wait ...

so here's a special song from that special person for this 

Stroll On Saturday
{yep, it's kinda a Walk On Sat. version of W.O.W. only slower 
without whispers but plenty of song or scene or scripture}

[back at my home in MN] 
daughter coming-dad and 2 kids way down this path

as I think and decide about continuing with
"Jesus Calling"
{well, I will be, just maybe not online as much as I had planned, but briefly}

"I can Just BE ME!"

This song kinda fits better with me, although I believe that Laura's album "God of Every Story" may have more songs (like "Til I Met You", but it's not available via YouTube in this country, so I wouldn't know) that would be more appropriate with her book, that was released in 2015. The problem that I have, as was with Sheila Walsh's study through Faith Gateway, is that there is a study guide and there is a book; and to get both is not really very cost effective for me, although I was blessed by God to have both of Sheila's ... that in part is why I had chosen "Jesus Calling" for the summer because I thought most are familiar with this or already have it plus the discussion guide is a free download so we'll see about this ... I am going to read  the free first chapter download and at least follow along at Faith Gateway as I can and this helped me decide on what to fill my November month with "Blessings" (another book of Laura Story's that I do have and a song we all know well) ...

Why I Wrote
"When God Doesn't Fix It?"

           Wrestling with 
“Where Are You,Lord?”

an interview with her on this new book

also a sample from Thomas Nelson small group Bible study of
5 sessions which will probably be available if you join the study

Truth OR Myth?
"- God’s Primary Desire Is To Fix Broken Things.
- God’s Primary Desire Is To Fix My Broken Relationship With Him
- Things Have to Get Better Before I Can Get Better
- My Situation May Not Get Better, But I Can Get Better
- God Can Only Use My Story When There Is A Happy Ending
- God Can Use My Story When I Trust Him In The Journey "

taken from Laura Story's blog


{sorry don't know the date or the info but you can check it out 
with Faith Gateway}

I think we all struggle with God and want Him to FIX ... something in our lives and wonder why or when or worse yet "why God wouldn't or doesn't fix it?" like right N.O.W. - now. We struggle and suffer and hang in the balance of "when" ... and really, Lord, "where are You in this?" I've asked this, even as a believer, and I'm sure that you have also. Or perhaps you've demanded that God "fix it" or "you're done with God" and the whole package, but that's exactly what the enemy wants and taunts our life with ... yet we should know better the tactics and schemes of the enemy or the strength and character of our God. And what's more, that perhaps God is allowing this for something we need even more then  ... 

"... and they lived happily ever after..."

which is the Introduction of Laura Story's book

with her last words in this introduction saying
... “This world is not our home and it certainly is not our eternal destination. God has something even better planned for His beloved children. This life will have struggle, loss, heartache and pain. When we walk with Jesus ... And when it is all said and done, we will find out that every person who travels through life hand in hand with Jesus will live happily ever after, after this life when we see Jesus face-to-face.”

So what is "Jesus Calling" you to do this summer or this weekend, 
if it's too much to think about the whole summer?
May you be enjoying a beautiful
Memorial Weekend
with loved ones!

Friday, May 27, 2016


Although the "Longing in Me" Online Study with Faith Gateway had their Wrap-up this past week and the final chapter of Sheila Walsh's study guide book was last week, her regular book with this title had more content and chapters. But somewhere throughout this "longing" study, I admitted to myself that I most definitely struggle with my security. Yes, I know I am secure in Christ Jesus but let's face it, I'm not living like I am. So I began this other reading plan when decided that I had a greater "longing" for security than I thought as I read this 12 day devotional from a book written by Anna Light - "In_security: Break Free from what holds you back" ... I think most of us deal with insecurity about something ... so maybe this You Version reading plan or this book is for you. Today, I have decided to share the last of the 12 day one provided at You Version although every one of them was invaluable to me. {I highly recommend}


John 8:36 ; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Ephesians 6:10-18
{I guess this fits with Session 2 of the "Longing in Me" to be protected}

as you'll see below in my personal 

"Freedom Fighter"

"People who are free draw others to themselves. They do not compete, compare, or control. When they are no longer bound by insecurities and lies, they are able to be fully present, care-free and joyful. That’s what we all want, isn't it, to be the person God created us to be, unhindered by the doubt, fear and insecurity that holds us back? As you continue to walk in freedom, that is exactly who you can become.

But finding freedom from insecurity is not a destination or an end goal, it is a continual process of taking our thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ. Once you overcome one insecurity, there will be another to overcome. We will always be in need of God’s continual power and guidance to walk in freedom.

When you do find that freedom you will know it, you will feel it. But do not be surprised if you run into a few naysayers on this journey—people who are not yet free themselves. They are fighting their own battles and need your love, grace, and acceptance to start their own journey toward freedom.

None of us knows what someone else might go through to overcome their insecurities. No one but the seeker can appreciate the pain, tears, doubts, fears and questions that go into finding one's identity in Christ. It takes work, dedication, faith, and the encouragement of others. So, let’s make a commitment to always encourage one another toward that freedom. This Christian walk is truly a fight. We are all in battle with our common enemy. Let’s become freedom fighters—in our own lives—and in the lives of others.

When you make a commitment to find freedom you will discover a power rising from within like a spiritual adrenaline, giving you the strength to do what you never thought you could do on your own. Old fears will fall away like loosened chains. Apprehension will be swallowed up with faith. His love will free you and fuel your forward action. Nothing will be able to hold you back when you stay connected to His love. You will be motivated to lay down your insecurities and be free. There won't be room for fear and lies because you will fill your heart with truth. Fight for your freedom and you will live free. Free indeed."

The title alone convinced me that this was the right one to share
especially on this Memorial Weekend

"Freedom Fighter"

I actually had another episode to share from my trip home kinda related to this - freedom. It is not one that goes along with this devotional or this weekend, but one that threatened my personal freedom and had others concerned about me until they found out I was alright and it was nothing more than a cruel scam. This episode, however, makes one step back and appreciate our real freedom won for us. 
{I'm thinking it may not be such a good idea to write this publicly or maybe it is and will stop this from happening if someone (me) dares to publicly expose this so I am.}

On the day of my uncle's memorial service, both my home in MN and my rental home in MX received alarming calls. The ones in MN did not realize that the ones in MX were so alarming, except that there were many calls to confirm that I was OK, just to hear from me, which of course, I was totally unaware until late afternoon. The person taking care of my dogs in my rental home received several phone calls demanding a ransom payment for me. The first call, even had a woman screaming, crying and repeating his real name {How?} and then a man came on demanding the payment or I would be killed. My dog's caregiver tried to explain that there was no money or access to any possible from MX and that I was not related to this caregiver in any way. I already had told people that my spouse (like the American government and other nations) would not and could not pay ransom or afford to pay for such incidences or it would just increase the likelihood of more happening. yet this does not deter people from scamming. We have seen countless news' headlines and stories of this throughout the years and how individual families try to negotiate unsuccessfully and at times successfully.
Yet this is the time in which we live. When I called home in between the afternoon, I found out that I had many calls from MX but my husband was not quite sure about what or from whom, yet it had to do with the dog care giver, and the owner (I thought of my house but it was really a dear friend at the corner store who is the owner there and she was calling for my dog care giver to assure that I was alright). There were numerous calls and demands until she told this person just not to answer so when I tried calling - no answer, until I wrote her or called her (I can't remember). Not knowing and no answer at my MX house, I thought perhaps the owner had told my dog care giver that he could not stay there and my dogs were left alone. The real truth was even worse just because I did not know or call until late in the afternoon. But what a cruel interruption to my day and my time with my cousins and their families. I had to asked to be excused of joining them because I had to get home (yes, right in the middle of rush hour and much road construction detours-it was awful not knowing) and if you can imagine, even more alarming for them waiting for my call or just to hear my voice and know it was not me in any danger. 
But the insecurity in me, alerts that fear inside that it could have been or still might happen on my way back. So both sides urgently needed to HEAR that I was OK upon arrival. And, of course, I had to believe that God held me in His hand and was indeed my Protector. No matter what ... God would not choose this for my departure from here or have brought me here or so close to be returning as soon as possible if this was His plan. So question marks flash??? and once again, I see how the enemy loves to rattle everyone's faith and security with cruel, sickening crimes and calls of desperate people in a fallen world filled with more and more evil. 

Scams and the real thing need to be stopped! Crimes of kidnapping, murder and all the other evil have gotten way out of hand. People need to be prosecuted that commit such frauds and they need to be found out. 

I long to be found in_security of Jesus
but not this way.

Working on all my fears and insecurities
shouting out
not a step closer
not one more scheme
not one more devastating event

You're done
I'm taking back all that belongs to God

You're finished
your cohorts too!
So back off Scammers!

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Ephesians 6:12

I am a
Freedom Fighter
on my knees
I'm back in my
"War Room"
after all, a while back
this was 
FerVent Friday
that enemy is
the wrong person

{by the way, I was able to see "War Room" while home and it's a must see}
Power's rising up in me

it's Friday

I got me a 

Battle Plan



from another book from the movie

my one in English is at home but I have one in Spanish here
I'm serving ya' notice - Hands off of me, my family and those who care
for me and mine
than you
than you

He's already defeated you



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

W.O.W. ~ "Untangled"

{hey Karen, you won't have to read this one...already sent you it, except I included at the end another from "I Hear His Whisper" since HEARing as become so important to me and you might like or need that so scroll down}

[image credit: Jennifer Camp FB
I was waiting for the one for this day's devo so added them later with her "whisper" but this one works and is better for my walk, so

Enter In
with knowing

how appropriate is this song and LOOP devotional for me
for a
Walk On Weds.
Whisper On Weds.

although it came on Mon.
right as I needed to
this beautiful song
as I walk closely in the
Garden of our God
this day
I really needed
this message

Song for you: New Every Morning

My Monday Morning email
Jennifer Camp
her LOOP devo
(included that song)


“Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty” (Matthew 13:8).

In the break of morning, as sunlight falls gently on flowers not yet opened, know that I fall softly, too. I am the light that covers all the land. Some flowers stretch their stems high to be covered by the light. Some are tangled in weeds that block the light from reaching their faces. And darkness is what covers.

But light filters through all darkness, child.

Nothing cannot be untangled. There is a way out from the mess of secrets and distorted truths, from a focus on treasures that sap energy from weary roots rather than let sweet water flow.
I reach down with my hands and untangle the mess—creating order from disorder. But all can get tangled again.

The light is above you. Stand tall. Rise to it. I show you where it is.

Roots are thirsty. Let them drink and not be choked. You are cared for in your own place, with my hand tending you, my light touching you, my word quenching your thirst. To get untangled, you must focus on Me. You must stand straight and tall in my light, wanting it to touch you.

You must want Me to touch you.

You must want Me to care for you. You must want Me to give you what you need and be willing to bear the adjustments of untangling.

In what are your roots tangled? How are your leaves too close to weeds that they wither from lack of sufficient light? Do you want Me to show you? Do you let Me untangle you? Do you want to stretch upwards, away from this mess I did not create for you to thrive in?

Will you let yourself be transferred and replanted in rich, fertile soil?"~Jennifer Camp, LOOP devotional from 5/23/16

[all images credit:Jennifer Camp]
 twice a week. They're always this good!

followed by one
The Passion Translation
in the book "I Hear His Whisper" by 
Brian Simmons

"I Will Never Be Late"

"...You have asked Me, 'When will the waiting be over?' Wisdom governs My timing and the changes of seasons. There are changes coming and they will come so swiftly you will be caught off guard, but rest in My wisdom. It is easy for you to miss My timing. You know a measure of My plan, but you must learn that My timing is different. I will tell you My plans, but the timing of these plans is in My hands. As pieces of a puzzle come together to frame a beautiful picture, so there are pieces yet that must come together before the unfolding of the fullness takes place.

I will never be late or fail to keep My promises. Why would you be impatient when you know that I hold all things in My hands, including the timing. My time clock moves in the rhythm of My love. So be sensitive to the wisdom of My timing and you will grow in the ways of eternity. Faith is never in a hurry and you will be thrilled beyond measure when you see what I accomplish in your life."

The Passion Translation

"Abraham waited patiently in faith and succeeded in seeing the promise fulfilled."

my life so needs to be

I need to learn to wait patiently for
God's Timing

it's so hard

you just don't wanna wait for others
imperfect people that
God may be dealing with also
after all

GOD never has failed me

as I have Him and others

very humbling
Whisper from Him




a little


with where He has me for now
as I continue waiting and learning patiently
growing a little, stretching alot
leaning in just to

"...all things are in His hands..."

of course, they are

Help me Lord
Untangle my messes
their messes
the many messes in this fallen world
have mercy on us
Every Morning

Thank You!

Linking up with Holley Gerth
even though I'm not sure if this fits the criteria
I really like her and her blog post this week
"That Longing We All Feel"

my blog post this Fri. perhaps fits this theme better

[I just want to share these devotions with more people because I am sure that they speak to more than just me]

Monday, May 23, 2016

aMazing Monday ~ HEARING HERE 1

at least per recent tradition around here
that's what it should be

in many ways
it is still


I'm back in Mexico


was able to enjoy the presence and celebration
of my Uncle's Homecoming
with my cousins, my sister and her husband
and others

that's aMazing

[me in the middle of my older siblings]

I was able to see my oldest brother who I have not seen in years
and meet Cathy
{sorry, don't know if it's a "C" or a "K"}
(however, it was not under good circumstances for them to be up in MN from TX. for Cathy's dad-yet another story, but it's theirs)
yet it's still

{and praying for God's divine intervention and healing if it's His will}

was able to have many doctor appointments and even take someone else
actually two people to theirs
which believe it or not


and also eye awakening in many aspects

I thought my Word for 2016
(so I tuned in to LISTEN to His Whispers)
then I teetered between

{which I still believe it could BE all of these 3}



if you remember back at the end of January
or maybe I did not tell you publicly
I had an episode here in MX
and landed in the ER
after having a
dizzy spell
until I became dehydrated
{which does not take much for me, I don't drink enough water}

the end result of most of my 6 or 7 medical appointments in these last 2 weeks
is that

I have or am loosing my 
mostly right ear
high frequency
does not mean just high tones
but also letters that fit in that frequency

my dizziness and off balance
seems to have been
related to that
could be from
a head injury 
(skull fracture)
I had back in the early 80s

The only other time I can recall having had a vertigo experience

They even sent me to Physical Therapy
and I have exercises to do

I was surprisingly quite off balanced
and from what I understand in part
has to do with some crystals in
our complicated inner ear


the sad part is that I (we) cannot afford hearing aids at this time for me
{between $3,800 and $7,000}
so I've been assigned to check out pricing here in MX

(but as most of you know, I don't trust anything or anyone in MX)
especially with something as precious as my


I thought I could start out with one, but I've been told that isn't a good option

and the cost is not in the hardware but the software
{yes, it's in the programming in the chip in that device}

which is 

how do I feel about all this?



that I had to come back to MX and make transitions
so hopefully I can start
getting ready to travel home and go

which will be

I have any other

things to add


I'm so very thankful for
safely brings me to and fro
[image credit: Ann V.]

that's really
all the
I need today
any day of the year

I will so miss
especially music
but deaf friends I know told me long ago
that they can feel the music

I do have some advantages
I do know some ASL
starting with the alphabet
some Christian signs
God gave me
{and they were right}
back in the late 80s and 90s
He was preparing me
for such a time as this

It's just that only some Mexicans understand ASL
and they have their own
It's not as simple as just changing the sign for the letter to the letter 
for that word in Spanish

so I pray
God gets me home
(whichever home)
long before I can no longer

His Voice or any voice

[interesting personal tidbit]
part of my own self discovery of this was on the plane
going up to MN

You know how your ear plugs and you can chew gum
or stretch your mouth to open your ears so you can hear

(well, I tried that and it did not 'pop')

then the pilot came on with an announcement
and I did not understand a word


on my way back here
I informed them of this
my first plane marked my ticket
(didn't have other choices)
so I just explained this to the flight attendants
on my 2nd plane and
 moved so my right ear was toward the aisle

Yep, it's still an
aMazing Monday
(even if it's not with Holley Gerth's book, "You're Already Amazing" or my Uncle Jack's aMazing testimony)

Moments of Hope

I hardly ever link up anymore
but since I met
Lori Schumaker
Holley Gerth's 
she has inspired and spoken (written)
such wonderful encouragement
"Searching for Moments"
where she now has this weekly link-up
to share HOPE with others
and so
I hope this post brings hope to someone
like Lori does for me
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This blog is ALL about HIM, for HIM, not about me!
I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
all of you who spend your valuable time here with me
I do appreciate you so much!

Thank you for taking your time to visit!

Love, Sweet blessings & Hugs!