"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion — to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." ~ from ISAIAH 61 Bible verse for this Blog


I have a HEART for MISSIONS. I view our Christian walk as a privilege to BE shared with others. As long as I can remember, missions and missionaries have had a tug on my own heart and life. However, I don't think that "missions" is just to some far off place. You have a "mission" right where you are planted wherever that may be and whatever capacity as a mom, a person, a co-worker with God for His Kingdom, His purpose, His plan.

In October 2012, I joined The Nester with over 1000 others in her "31 Days" challenge. Each one of these could be considered an avenue of "mission". So for 2012, I'm teaching some Spanish through songs over on my MISSIONS blog. Come join me, listen, learn and enjoy.


MISSIONS is another blog of mine. It has evolved to be an important part of my daily life, research and beliefs as well as a vision of what I hope to be very involved in. I really do need to spend more time developing this blog once again and my efforts here in the mission field that God has placed me. Yet each of you are in a place and have a part in making your daily life, whatever you're doing, part of your mission for God.

However, before it was established as another blog and at other times, I have shared part of my MISSION here on aMazing Grace. In fact, there are 36 that I have given the label MISSION. Here are some of the MISSION posts under the MISSION label:


JANUARY is NATIONAL SLAVERY and HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS MONTH and January 11th  has been declared as "Human Trafficking Awareness Day" Find out what you can do... MISSIONS links you to more [This was overshadowed in 2011 by the tragic news of the shooting in Arizona].

Since 2007, this is the direction God has sent me in my actual MISSION endeavor. I have found out much about this topic, became blatantly aware of the atrocities and have encountered many excellent organizations (in other countries and for other countries). But Mexico, is one of the biggest target areas of selling women and children, just south of our border, both in their country for exploitation by so called tourists and being sent or taken into the USA for such. Sexual tourism is no different than trafficking, both are extreme exploitation of humans that MUST be stopped. I have seen much being done in the Baltic states (countries) and Far East (Thailand, Philippines,
Indonesia, etc) but not much is known about what is happening here or being done (although there are places that there is something being done---it's not enough)! Mexico needs help combating people being sold and bought and trafficked like merchandise. Parents and young people are being deceived. Human lives are not for sale! This has become my main emphasis over at MISSIONS and in real life. I just do not share publicly on blogs about it except for organizations and prayer. 
But it is a great concern and Project A for me!!! among other efforts with evangelism being done here in Mexico. There aren't enough hands for all that needs to be done and funding grows less each day. 


Originally MISSIONS was created as a meme/carnival for Mondays and was called Mission 4 Monday. 

Here is what I've written over there on the bottom about MISSIONS and Mission 4 Monday no longer being a meme. Some of which no longer applies and much of this states what I believe about MISSIONS plus they are some really great links to others. I thought about crossing out what no longer is applicable but decided perhaps one day again it will be so why not see it as it was. 

We were ALL made for a mission... God has a unique purpose & plan for everyone.
ALL MONTH, Every Week, Every Day...it's a lifetime experience!
This is where we share MISSIONS that have been placed on our hearts or in our lives. For God has given each of us a purpose & a unique plan to fulfill.
If you are new to Mission4Mondayplease click here for more info.
A very special thanks to those of you (you know WHO you are) that faithfully have posted at MISSION4MONDAY whether you remember to link or not I appreciate it and if you are a regular and I notice, I have been linking you to the LINKY!
You are welcome ALWAYS to leave in the current comments a link to anything you share MISSIONwise.
Thank you for placing M4M button on your posts, I so appreciate it! YOU each have presented FABULOUS ideas weekly!

I am asking each of you to write in the COMMENTS:

1) your BLOG name and the date of the post

2) your POST title just like you would include in the Linky with your name, it's a permalink, if you are particiapting & posting any MiSSION 4 MONDAY! (or any day)

Be creative do it like a promotion for your MISSION!

Thank you for doing this and sharing!


Micey also has been to Haiti and shared. Please pray for Micey. Once again she has returned to help in Haiti!
Lots going on over here. PRAISE GOD & continue to pour out blessings on Auto Mission & Sherry w/Cowboy.
Nancie was a participant in the very beginning, but unable to currently blog actively. Yet she still has much good material to read in her previous posts along her sidebar.
Choose one or all or any & be blessed!
Mission 4 Monday sadly ended last year as a meme, but I continue to share here and I know others also share various MISSIONS, especially the people above. Check them out!!! 

Encourage and perhaps join us.
Since my life is a MISSION, I share whenever I can. There are many of you, who do community involvement/church events, volunteer opportunities or know missionaries that you could share to motivate others. Motherhood and Homeschooling are MISSIONS and callings!!!
Each of these are MISSIONS and important to encourage others.
If you are doing something or share someone's MISSION on your blog, please leave your info in the comments anytime! Hopefully others will notice & come visit. THANKS!
New blogger that shares MISSIONS at times:
renewed42 at Faith on the mountains
Here's a current post she shared.


Blessings to ALL Readers & Participants!

It is with a heavy heart that I will no longer be hosting this as a "meme"!

So Mission 4 Monday will still exist as my blog ONLY and I will NO longer be doing this as a "meme" for others to JOIN me and share!

I truly believe that each one that has participated shared GREAT MISSIONS!

MORE in my post "NO LONGER A MEME"

Thank you ALL for participating when you were able & sharing your mission & heart with us!

I still believe that each one of us "were made for a mission" and an opportunity crosses our path each week to serve others as a MISSION. Open your eyes & see the needs around us!

I still believe in the great value & worth of sharing MISSIONS!

I still believe that you do not have to be a missionary "sent out in the world" to be a missionary. Your home, your neighborhood, your community is filled with needs to be met with the passion & compassion of Jesus Christ. One day a week or month, take the time. It may be the first "short term" mission that God moves in you & touches others with His love.

I still believe "all" that Rick Warren shared in "The Purpose Driven Life" especially Purpose #5!


I still believe that I will continue to share MISSIONS put on my heart right here.

"God has given you a Life Message to share..."

and I know that HE gave me a LIFE MESSAGE and I hope to share that through what I post here. I will continue to update on ministries as I have and those in my sidebar.

Jesus, "At Your Feet", is where I lay MISSIONS for myself and my dear friends. That our desire and burden for missions be Yours and that You lead us!


Samaritan Revival 
Website and Blog

There are a few bloggers that I know preparing for MISSION trips in 2011, please check out their blogs and updates as you lift them in PRAYER:

MICEY @ AND SHE WENT OUT ~ UGANDA (but has been to Haiti also)
LISA @ Lisa Notes ~ El Salvador

If you know of anyone or you have shared a MISSION, please share in the comments and leave a link to where you shared about your MISSION! God bless!


On July 18, 2017, I drafted almost 3000 blog posts that I had published since 2008 when I began blogging rather than edit each one. So if you clicked from somewhere and ended up here and the post was unavailable, I am sorry. It would be too much work for me to go back through each one and fix. I guess I'm still learning. I apologize also to anyone who subscribes that perhaps received many old ones in your email. There's somewhat of an explanation on 7/19/17.
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I hope that is what you see
this is why I am

To my faithful visitors;
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Thank you for taking your time to visit!

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